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The week in review…..

That’s right…a whole week!

Normally, there would be a food diary. Unfortunately, I was so busy I didn’t keep one and, even worse, no workouts this week!

Monday, I was supposed to do an inspection at 10:00 am. I get a call from the client at 9:00…cancelling the appointment. No problem, as we had to get a bunch of stuff ready for an upcoming consignment sale, I spent the day cleaning stuff up and getting everything ready, so when the wife came home, she could tag everything.

Tuesday. I had an eleven month inspection on a home that was next to the new home I inspected last month, which is probably headed for a lawsuit.  This inspection took around six hours and, I hurt my shoulder trying to get into the attic, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, the Clients pest control guy is trying to kill the family! He had placed a bunch of little packets around the home that contain boric acid. After telling the homeowner that they were safe, I showed the homeowner the package where it specifically states, “Keep out of the reach of children and pets! If ingested, contact poison control immediately!”

Mahler (107) (Custom)

Not only did he put these packets everywhere, he also decided it would be a great idea to place a bunch of Boric Dust in the air handler closet…..where it can be drawn into the system and spread through the entire home! Back in the days when I did pest control, this product was only permitted to be used in sealed areas. The attic and wall voids mostly.

Wednesday. Time for my yearly physical exam. As usual, I am in perfect health. I still have to get a bunch of blood work done, but everything looks good. With the exception of my calves. Since my fast run last week, both calves have been hurting and are not getting better.  We will see what the rest of the week brings.

After my exam, time to drop of the 150-plus items at the consignment sale. Finished that task in 45 minutes!!!! Now, it was time for physical therapy, where it was discovered that my shoulder has been re-injured. My therapist worked on it for almost 40 minutes trying to get it to loosen up. Finally I was able to use it and do my exercises.

Some unfortunate news. When we got home, I looked at the answer machine and the message indicator was blinking. I played the message and it was our neighbors daughter informing us, that our neighbor, Don, who was diagnosed with cancer, had passed away. Rest in Peace Don.

Thursday. An inspection on a home that was vacant for two years! Oh Joy!!! I was still recovering from the Boric Acid poisoning and now, mold!!!!

Foran (51) (Custom)

This inspection only took two hours, because it is easy to do the inspection when everything is wrong!

I get home and do the inspection report. I feel like crap as the combination of mold and boric acid is wearing on me!

Friday. This was supposed to be an off day. Not the case. The phone started ringing at 8:00 am and continued the entire day. E mails about wind mitigation reports, open permits, you name it, it happened! I also decided to try a new supplement, Actigin, which we got at some trade show. It appears as though this product doesn’t play well with other supplements or, I am allergic to it!

I developed a violent rash all over my entire body. I was hot and my skin turned red. I also experienced a “heavy” heartbeat.  I didn’t know it at the time what the cause was. I am still feeling the effects of this as I type this entry, Saturday morning. Friday night, we went out to dinner with Marshalls Aunt Rose Marie and Uncle Ted. We went to a place called J Alexanders. I seem to remember this place being pretty good. Since we weren’t going to Carrabbas for the pre-long-run meal, this would have to do. I ordered the Prime Rib and smashed potatoes. Along with, a Ceaser salad. After dinner we went home and time for bed, at 10:00.

At 12:30, I woke up withe severe cramps, gas, and, for those playing the drinking game, several trips to the bathroom. This went on until approximately, 3:30 am. Did I mention I was going to wake up at 4:30 am for the 17-mile run today? Of course, as I returned from the bathroom adventure, not one, but both cats decided to play their usual games. Sophia, with her big head and loud purr, was right in my face demanding that she be petted. Then, Samantha took over with the usual treading on my bladder for 15 minutes, prior to her falling asleep on my chest.

HPIM2512 (Custom)SophiaHPIM2520 (Custom)


Finally, I fell asleep…only to be awakened by the alarm going off…followed by the wife storming off into the middle bedroom to shut off said alarm!

I knew that no run was happening today, between a lack of sleep, all of my fuel being “washed out”, the effects of Boric acid poisoning and the supplement, along with my aching calves, the run today has been postponed until next Saturday.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the RenFest, and then, a full week is in-store for next week already. I will try to post everything.

In future events, we have signed up for the half marathon “Race Around the Lake” in Clermont, the 20th of April, so, another race to train for! The goal for this race is to finish in under 2:30. The next race is the Disney Wine and Dine in November. We are already registered and thanks to our friend, Jennifer Upton, Mousekeplanner Extraordinaire, our rooms are locked in as well! If any of the followers of this blog are attending the Wine and Dine race, or any other Disney event,give Jenn a shout! 🙂

Until next week..Have a great weekend!!


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  1. What a week! What a bummer.

    Comment by bgddyjim | March 16, 2013 | Reply

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