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First Run and a Drinking Game!

Before I get into the run this morning, I do wish to clear up something. My last post, Running for Real, was not a slight or meant as an insult to anyone who runs, regardless of the distance. It is a private joke between my wife and myself with regards to a comment that was made a few months back. Anyone that takes the time and puts in the work to run, run/walk, wheelchair, or crawl anything from a 5K, 10 mile, 1/2 marathon, full marathon and beyond, deserves a tremendous amount of credit.  If anyone was upset or offended, I apologize. It was not my intent. 🙂

It has come to my attention that several followers of this blog get a little chuckle when I mention anything pertaining to “body fluid elimination” or food. These two areas are linked to each other and are important to running, and just about everything else health related. As the kids today seem to have a drinking game for just about everything, here are the rules for the “Eric’s Blog Drinking Game!”

  1. Anytime I make mention of any bodily fluid exiting the body: Take one drink or shot of your choice.
  2. Anytime I mention food: Take one drink or shot of your choice.
  3. Any time I post a picture of food: Take two drinks or shots of your choice.
  4. Any time I post pictures of any bodily fluids leaving the body: Go throw up! 🙂

The rules may be expanded if there is any input from any followers. Today, I will place the word “drink” after any word that falls into the game category! The above is a joke and you do not have to play the drinking game……….unless you want to. 🙂

On to the run this morning…….but first:

time to eatDrink!(2)

Last nights dinner was chicken wings (drink). As we were out of butter, I made the sauce using Smart Balance margarine. Chicken wings tend to, on occasion, create an “explosive” situation (drink) in the bathroom. The margarine seems to have prevented this issue!

And now, on to the run……………………………

I got up this morning and felt ready to run. The A1A half marathon race really energized me. The first issue was that it appears as though my trusty Motorola Bluetooth headphones have stopped working! This happened two weeks ago and after a full day on the charger, they were back to normal. We will see. Time to break out the headphones. Previously, when I would plug in my headphones, my phone would start dialing the last number I called! It looks like either changing to the new operating system or one of the updates, has eliminated this issue.

The goal was to run 5 miles in one hour or less. To do this, I have changed my run/walk settings from run 1:20 to Run 2:00. The walk setting remains at 1 minute. On to the results……………….

Mile 1: 12:08

Mile 2: 11:53

Mile 3: 11:24  35:25 total time Fastest lap

Mile 4: 13:08 I took an extra walk interval. Slowest lap

Mile 5: 11:30

Total: 5 miles Time 1:00:03!

Total distance: 5.18 miles. Total Time: 1:02:13 Pace 12:00 min/mile.

Although it was only 5 miles, I shaved 42 seconds per mile off of my A1A time.

A quick jump in the pool, a boost, and I am ready to run again! This was another pain-free run. Nothing hurt during the run and nothing hurts now. We will see how I feel tomorrow morning!

For the first run after a big race, I am quite happy. I am fairly certain that all of the numbers above are personal bests. Tuesday and Thursday will be five-mile runs, run at the same pace or faster. Next Saturday will be a 15 mile run and I will back the run interval down to 1:30.

Everyone have a great weekend!!


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