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Wine and Dine!! (Part one)


Another race in the books!

Before I get started, I would like to thank our friend Jennifer Upton – Disney Travel Specialist with Mousekeplanner. If you are planning a trip to Disney, contact Jen!

Next, I want to congratulate my wife on finishing this race. Although she ran it last year, this year, a month prior to the race while trying out a new set of shoes, she either broke a bone in her foot or damaged a tendon. Running for nearly four hours, on an injured foot, takes a lot of guts. As the kids say, “Mad Props” Teala! 🙂

And now, on to the Wine and Dine weekend!



Checking into the Caribbean Beach Resort


Apparently, the replacement of refrigerators was not completed for our room!


Marshall, Stitch, and “Spi-tor” seemed to be having a good time though!


Ahhh, our chariot!


We arrive! This should make an even 200 pictures of the “ball”!

2013-11-07-14-28-26_photoVegetarian haggis?


2013-11-07-16-49-19_photoMarshall….touring around the world!

2013-11-07-17-22-37_photoMexico. I had the 25 dollar Cabo Wabo Margarita, which was delicious!

2013-11-07-17-38-02_photoTeala and I………after said Margarita!


The waterfall at Canada. Every time Marshall goes to Epcot, we have to see the waterfall!

2013-11-07-18-34-21_photoDinner at the Rose and Crown pub. Note: Do not order steak in a British pub! 🙂

2013-11-07-19-51-53_photoNite Nite!



Race packet pick up. I would have taken pictures of the Expo, but how many pictures of the same ten vendors do we need? 🙂

2013-11-08-11-43-18_photoMarshall and Teala.

2013-11-08-15-05-12_photoThe backstage tour. Things were going fine….until……………………….

2013-11-08-15-05-45_photoThe water showed up…………………

2013-11-08-16-10-52_photoThat is a big hat!

2013-11-08-17-03-35_photoA little blurry, but the Muppet show.

2013-11-08-19-51-10_photo (Custom)The “Brown Derby”. Although it was a bit pricey, it was great. Note: Do get the steak here!!! 🙂 Also, the grapefruit cake dessert, which everyone raved about, wasn’t worth the hype. Stick with the flour-less brownie!

After dinner, time to watch the Osborne Lights:


2013-11-08-20-02-40_photo (Custom)

2013-11-08-20-04-02_photo (Custom)

2013-11-08-20-17-54_photo (Custom)We finally got to see this..without having to run through it! And, yes, that is snow in the last picture! 🙂

2013-11-08-20-24-57_photo (Custom)Marshall, a little tired. He was up at 6:00 am and went on until we left at 10:00! Good job!!

This concludes the family part of the weekend, well almost. We still have Marshall’s first race tomorrow.

Stay tuned!


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