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Faux Tower of Terror Run!

This time last year, I was writing about my first ever run, the 2012 Tower of Terror run. It is hard to believe that it is only been a year seems much longer!

The wife and I made the decision not to run this race this year as our schedules were just too crazy, besides, the recent injury to her foot more than likely would have prevented her from running anyway. I, on the other hand, while training for the Wine and Dine half Marathon, bumped up the mileage a little bit, so, I did run 10 miles Saturday night! This was a significant point in my training. This run was run as close to “race day conditions” as possible.

I started the run at 8:30 pm. As this is a training run, I’ll keep it short.

Miles 1-3: Time: 39:43. The fastest lap was lap one at 12:26 and the slowest was 13:42. As is usually the case, the first three miles are spent figuring out how to run without pain in various areas.

Miles 4-6: Time: 40:48. Fastest lap:13:03, slowest, 13:44 I was a minute slower overall, but, running at a comfortable pace.

Miles 7-9: Time: 44:33 Fastest lap: 13:58, slowest lap, 15:48 which included a water fill of three of the six bottles, should have filled them all! Mile eight was, once again, a test. At this point in time, I was wondering if I might have to call the wife to come get me!

Mile 10: Time:15:16, the second slowest lap of the 10. Actually, probably the slowest as the slowest included a water stop.

Total time: 2:20:20

Last years time at the Tower of Terror run: Chip time: 2:20:30.

If my math is correct, that would be 10 seconds faster than last years run! Of course, this was running by myself in pretty decent conditions. The race conditions last year and this year, were hotter with more humidity. This training run did have heat, 84 degrees, and humidity, 70%, but, there was a nice breeze for the most part, which made the run quite enjoyable.

The aftermath: I was expecting some sort of pain somewhere, and my body did not disappoint! The good news, is that the pain was in my heels, which adding the gel inserts I have, should correct. There was no pain in my legs and not even a hint of a shin splint. Looking at the bottoms of my shoes, although they are wearing on the outside, they are wearing evenly. This would probably explain the lack of hip pain as well as any other pain. I appear to be actually running “level” and not to one side or the other.

Modifications: Since the disaster after the race around the lake in April, I knew some things had to change. The first was the switch to a stabilizing shoe, the Saucony Omni 12s. Next, was to add some cushioning, so, the blue pads I had in my other shoes were installed. This eliminated all of the pain in my shins. I am also running wearing the Zensch calf compression sleeves. The compression socks were too tight and both feet cramped up when I ran in them. I also switched my fuel belt, upside down, so now my phone is on the left side and goodies pouch is on my right. This allows for three bottles of water to be mounted somewhere near each side. Before, there were two bottles that were in the small of my back, which when running, is quite annoying as they tend to bounce up and down with every stride.

Speaking of the phone, the Galaxy S4 performed flawlessly and only used 20% battery during the run. Much better than the old Atrix2. The apps, run/walk interval, Endomondo, and Winamp, also worked perfectly.

Tomorrow will be a four mile run or 45 minutes, whichever comes first. I will try the gel inserts for my heels and hopefully, that will eliminate the remaining pain in my heels,especially the left heel. It feels like the bone spur in my left heel is growing and may be on its way out of my foot at some point in time. It has taken on the shape of a Klingon battle cruiser!


It would appear, that everything I have done to correct the shin splints, which lead to the fractured tibias, is working. Hopefully, this trend continues as I gear up for the A1A Marathon next February! Two days after the run, I have no pain to speak of.

This weekend, I am going away to the Keys for a little fishing and diving. I may actually get a run in Saturday. The following week will be short runs and a 14 mile run Saturday night. That will be the true test and give me a better picture of where I am at time-wise for the race. Four more short runs, then race-day!


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