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A day off!! (sort of)

Today started with the alarm going off at 4:30 am. Then, it was off to the gym for a light workout.

June 07, 2013

EXERCISES Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Strength Training
Seated Biceps Curl (right arm) 3 15 30
Seated Row, Floor, Machine 3 15 130
Shoulder shrugs for traps 1 20 30
The 21’s 3 7 15
Triceps Pull-down 3 15 65
Seated Biceps Curl (left arm) 3 15 30
Standard Bench Press 3 12 135
TOTALS: 0 0 19 89 435

This was just to loosen up the muscles from the workout Tuesday, and to loosen me up from two days of climbing through attics!!

Now that this is out of the way, I can finish up a few chores and then, it is Marshall and Daddy day! As school is out, Marshall is home today so, we are going to trek to one of his favorite places, Bass Pro Shops, and then, since it is right next door, The Fishing Hall of Fame and Islamirada Fish Company for lunch!

By then, I am sure the storms will roll in as it appears we are in full summer mode here in South Florida!

Saturday is Marshall’s Graduation, which will be a big event as it appears as though his teacher has gotten a little carried away, and the ceremony has turned into a production of, “Gone with the Wind”!!

Then, it is his girlfriend, Jocelyns, birthday party afterwards. Yes, he has a girlfriend…and claims he wants to marry her! His Mother winces every time he says that…which is at least four times a day..and that is just to irritate her…I think! 🙂

Sunday, the Wife has to work, so, we are going to drop her off at work and do a little house hunting in Stuart. There is also a 1969 Barracuda Convertible I have spied, which may be residing in one of the garage bays shortly!

Next week, the boat finally will get cleaned. It seems, the mere mention of doing anything with the boat brings the wrath of the weather gods as it begins to rain, and doesn’t stop for days! Where have we heard this story before? After the cleaning, it will be off to the shop for a little maintenance and a new top and cover. Every home we are looking at has some type of storage or a dock, so, the boat will finally get used……extensively..I hope!!

In other news, I am putting the finishing touches on the 19th  annual golf tournament, The Spring Lake Invitational, which will take place the second week of August. As I will be just be returning to light training, if all goes well, my golf game will need plenty of work. A weeks worth of practice should suffice! 🙂

Until next week, everyone have a great weekend!!!



Marshall decided he would rather wash the boat than go to Bass Pro Shops!

Marshall_boat_wash (Large)


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