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A busy week is behind me….

This week as well as last week have both been very busy as far as work goes. Add in the “Mr. Mom” duties, and it would appear as though someone has stolen about six hours out of every day!

Taking Marshall to and from school every day and then fitting in inspections, doing the reports and running a business, it is a little taxing. It also means I have little time left for training. The good news there, is until I get the results Monday, the official results, I can’t train anyway.

Time for a game! Name Eric’s injuries by looking at the body scan below!


We can start by saying, from what I have read, the white areas are “hot spots” which are areas of trauma.

Starting at the top, the right shoulder:  recent surgery. The neck, injuries that are a result of a car crash in 1998. The left shoulder. Not too bad, but there was an incident in 1985 at a Super Bowl party, where some of my close friends decided to “sack” me, for no apparent reason. The result was a separated shoulder! Moving on down the line, the left elbow, which doesn’t show up well in this scan, three surgeries as detailed in the “Ugly Elbow” post.

The big blob in the middle is water in my stomach! The hips, nothing to see there which is great news!

On to the left knee. Five surgeries as noted in The Pain at Wounded Knee post. The right knee has some slight arthritis. The left heel, which comes out better on the rear version of the scan, what appears to be an ever-growing bone spur! Here is the rear view:


And, finally, the reason for the scan in the first place, my shins.


The picture above is a front view. There is a small bit of white on the left shin. On the right shin, there is a large amount of white, and a concentration in the center of the shin. From what I have read, this is more than likely a stress fracture. The left one may be as well but is either small or an old injury that has healed.

Hopefully, it is minor and won’t take a long time to recover from.

After I visit the doctor,  I will know for sure.

In the meantime,the weekend will be spent relaxing by the pool. Next week looks to be a little slow, for now, work-wise  so, time to get some much-needed work done to the Mighty Mako as fishing season is here!

Everyone ..enjoy your weekend and Happy Mothers Day!


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