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Another week goes by……………………

This week was filled with that four-letter word..W-O-R-K!

The good news, plenty of do-rae-me! The bad news, the first week of the Mr. Mom era was quite demanding!  Getting Marshall ready for school, taking him to school, doing an inspection, or in some instances two, doing the reports, and then, picking him up from school and making dinner, my boobs are sagging! Actually, it isn’t that bad, but it is a change! With the wife commuting to Stuart everyday, that leaves me to do everything else, but it is well worth it to see her happy! 🙂

In family news, the swim lessons have paid off as young Marshall actually can swim now! As a reward, he got a new pair of  flippers, a mask and snorkel! Pretty soon, he will join Team Mako for a dive for lobster!

Monday is the day I get the bone scan. I hope there is nothing broken as from what I have read, a stress fracture would severely hamper my work as well as my running training. There is no use worrying about it, but, the 13th of may, I’ll know for sure. In the meantime, I have managed to drop a few more pounds and am currently at 221 pounds! When I do start training again, which hopefully will be the 14th of May, I should be much lighter!

A bit of old news…I am still thoroughly disgusted with myself for my performance at the Race Around the Lake. Had I paid attention, I would have drunk much more water and avoided the massive cramps which severely hampered the effort. I am sure I could have gotten to the goal of a 2:36  time and possibly faster. For the fist seven miles of that race, I was “loafing” along saving it for the last half and had a PR!! I am sure I could have gone much faster than the first half. It really irritates me!

In any event, I am eagerly awaiting the results of the bone scan. I am really going to crank up the training as our next race isn’t until the Disney Wine and Dine. That race, unless you are in the A corral is notoriously a slow race. Most of the people I have talked to say it is one of their slower races. I hope to change that. The results of the bone scan will determine if I am going to run my first marathon in January at Disney, or wait until February at the A1A, which I am already registered for.

Tomorrow will be a rest day…at the beach if the weather holds out. Next week will be back at the gym, now that I know what time the wife has to leave the house, and there will be more weight loss…hopefully!

Everyone, Have a great rest of the weekend!!


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