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One week to race-day!

With one week to go before the next race, the Race Around the Lake, I am plum worn out!

Between work, trying to train, looking for a new house, and the “Marshall’s 5th birthday World Tour”, I need a break!

On to Saturdays run…, but first….As I hopped on the scale prior to the run, I was greeted with some bad news. 238 pound worth!!! It appears that all of the meals I have been hastily preparing have affected the waistline. Not to worry, Monday starts a return to the Atkins diet and by the end of the week, I should be in the 226 pound range for the race. 10-12 pounds makes a big difference, at least to me when running.

Saturdays run:

Mile 1:  12:03

Mile 2: 12:01

Mile 3: 12:55

Mile 4: 12:56

Mile 5: 12:54

Total:      Miles: 5.07                                                   Time: 1:04:00                                       Average pace: 12:38

The run was performed without my trusty Motorola headphones as they exploded and replacements will be here on Tuesday. It also appears my phone is in its death spiral as WinAmp stopped working a few times and I had to adjust my run/ walk interval app twice! The first two miles are more of an accurate representation of my actual times, so, if all goes well, I should finish the next race in 2:36.

I was going to wait until after this race to break out my new shoes, but, looking at the bottoms of the current pair, they are worn out. That would explain the pain in my legs/knees today!  The new shoes will fix that and I should be able to run without pain.

I am currently debating running in next years Disney Marathon as I am scheduled to run in the A1A Marathon next year, which is only six weeks later. I am going to wait until after this race to see if I am going to run in the half or full marathon at Disney.

It looks like work has slowed down, at least for a day or two, so, time to concentrate on training and a few chores around the home.

Until next week………………….Run like the wind…..not against it!


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