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A quick post….

I forgot to do the food diary!!

Work has been very busy, but I did manage to get in a run on Tuesday.

Here are the numbers:

Mile 1: 12:08

Mile 2: 12:43

Mile 3: 12:27

Mile 3.5: 7:17

Total:   3.56 Miles                           Time:  44:37                                   Pace: 12:32

The run would have been a lot faster except that the phone acted up and then, my new set of Motorola headphones stopped working!!! The Motorola people are sending me an upgraded set  Moto SF600 Wireless headphones  We will see how these perform.

It is also nearing the time to purchase a new phone. I am waiting for the next price drop on the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the introduction of the Motorola “X” phone. I may also just get the Motoactv sports watch, which is supposed to be able to run android apps with the latest software update.

More work today and tomorrow, but I do plan on running five miles this afternoon and 10 on Saturday.

Everyone have a great day!!


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