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Thursday run..another 5 miles!

Yesterdays food diary:

March 6, 2013

FOODS Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Celery (Km) – Celery Raw Stalks, 2 med stalks 15 4g 0g 0g 0mg 115mg 2g 2g
Publix – Cheese Spread With Pimentos, 2 tbsp 90 4g 7g 3g 10mg 390mg 3g 0g
Homemade – Manwich Sloppy Joes With Ground Sirloin, 1 Cup Meat Mixture 280 28g 9g 48g 110mg 0mg 20g 8g
Fruit – Pink Grapefruit , 1 grapefruit 52 13g 0g 1g 0mg 0mg 9g 2g
Diet Sierra Mist – Diet Soda, 24 oz 0 0g 0g 0g 0mg 70mg 0g 0g
Bsn – N.O. Xplode, 2 scoop 50 12g 0g 0g 0mg 470mg 0g 0g
TOTAL: 487 61g 16g 52g 120mg 1,045mg 34g 12g
EXERCISES Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Strength Training
Seated Biceps Curl 5 15 15
Triceps Push Down 5 15 30
Seated Biceps Curl 5 15 40
Triceps Push Down 5 15 45
Standard Bench Press 1 12 145
Standard Bench Press 4 15 105
TOTALS: 0 0 25 87 38

And, the run today:

Mile one:                           12:35

Mile two:                           12:17

Mile three:                        13:43

Mile four:                          12:06

Mile five:                           12:10

Total:                                 1:02:51

Total run

Distance: 5.25 miles                Total time: 1:05:41                                     Average pace: 12:31

Before I ran, I still had a lot of pain in my shins. I suspect, I may actually have hurt myself! I started my run using the run/walk interval set at 3 minutes running and one minute walking. Three minutes was a bit much! Although it did produce some good starting times, it was just too much time. I reset the pace to 2 minutes running and one minute walking at mile three.

As a result, mile four and five were much easier to run. I also began to run on the front of my feet to ease the pain in my shins. This worked and I also picked up some speed. I was actually surprised to see that miles one and two were as fast as they were. Looking at the numbers, walking a minute less for miles four and five made the run easier and faster. I find it strange that I can run for a minute more and go slower! Maybe that Jeff Galloway really does know what he is talking about!

Tomorrow is a busy day, two inspections and Saturday is the Heart Walk.

Next week is already booked up with inspections and Doctor visits, then, Saturdays run of 17 miles! I can hardly wait!!


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