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Running for Real aka Marathon Training!

Last night, while looking at the medals the wife and I have acquired over the last year, I was reflecting on what exactly transpired. Injuries,broken bones, surgery, pain, sweat,  blood, and the sweet satisfaction that you were able to accomplish a goal. Was it all worth it? Absolutely. 🙂

Some seem to think that you can just roll out of bed and run 13 miles. It simply isn’t the case. To those, I would say, “Give it a whirl”!

For me, this “running thing” started out as a hobby and sort of a half way dare. Thanks Jen!!  Now, and especially after this last race, the A1A Half Marathon, I am more motivated than ever to continue it. To that end, next week starts serious training for eventually, the 2015 Boston Marathon. In the meantime, there will be a few races in between and the 2014 Disney Marathon, if all goes well, will be my first attempt at running a marathon. It will also be a barometer and the goal is to finish the marathon in 4 hours. The Boston Marathon requires a qualifying time of 3:30 to enter, and if I can get to 4 hours in January of next year, I should be able to trim off a half an hour in a year!

This Saturday will be my first run after the race last weekend, more than likely, 5 or 6 miles. The pace will be stepped up to 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking. By this years Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon, our next confirmed race, I am hoping to get that to either 2:30 or 3 minutes running and one minute walking. In order to do this, certain other things will have to happen. One of them being weight loss.

I managed to lose 25 pounds last year and hope to do so again this year. That will put my weight right at 200 pounds. I will be returning to the gym next week as I have been cleared to do so by my doctor, but, still no biceps work. 😦  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be a combination of a 1/2 an hour on the treadmill and then, chest, arms, back and shoulders, high repetition and lower weight workouts. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be running days, first thing in the morning, until a month prior to the Wine and Dine race, when I will be switching to night training.

I will be documenting my diet and weight training on the blog daily, so hopefully, most of the posts will be shorter!

Just a quick recap of the A1A half marathon, I am currently in no pain to speak of. I sustained no injuries and the pain in my left knee went away Tuesday. Speaking with the doctor yesterday, I was told it is normal and it was due to me finally running properly, evenly displacing my weight on both feet. My hips, which hurt so badly at last years Wine and Dine race, didn’t hurt at all after this race. This last race has given me the motivation to go further and faster!

Until Saturday…..Just keep running………….


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  1. […] I get into the run this morning, I do wish to clear up something. My last post, Running for Real, was not a slight or meant as an insult to anyone who runs, regardless of the distance. It is a […]

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  2. You probably know this, but to run Boston 2015, you have to have your qualifying race complete by about mid-Sept. 2014, when registration applications start.

    Comment by Carina | March 3, 2013 | Reply

    • Yes, I am aware of that.If all goes well, I should have three marathons under my belt by then.

      Comment by magnuminsp | March 3, 2013 | Reply

    • Actually, your time just needs to be run within the prior year and a half:For the 2014 Boston Marathon, qualifying times must be run on or after September 22, 2012.

      I’ll have to contact them, but I know at the Disney race last year, I hadn’t run a qualifying race yet, so after I did, at the Expo, they changed my placement for me from the last corral to the C corral.

      Comment by magnuminsp | March 3, 2013 | Reply

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