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Countdown to Raceday!

Here I sit, 48 hours away from Raceday! I am excited but also, somewhat concerned. The good news, the weight is down to 226 pounds and hopefully, I’ll be around 220 pounds by the end of the race. The bad news, I am going to have to “gut” out this race with respect to my right knee. It is getting better, but I don’t think it is going to help me as far as running is concerned. The last time my right knee hurt, it was in 2011 and took two weeks to heal up. Luckily, I am visiting my doctor Wednesday for my shoulder and since he is the one who operated on my left knee, he can give my right knee a quick look!

Today, I am off to physical therapy in the morning and then, time to go to the convention center to get the race packet as well as the finish line parking pass! That is the important part as the pass lets you park at the finish line which means, we won’t have to have a check-in bag.

The remainder of the day will be spent planning out the race and getting “treatment” as they say in the NFL, for my list of injuries. I am hoping that two days of rest and ice will be enough to get me through this race.

I see the weather is going to turn cold, for us Floridians anyway, and the race time temperature is expected to be in the high forties to low fifties! I can tell that the weather is about to change, as all my damaged joints are starting to hurt! A little Advil should fix that. Tomorrow will tell………………

Stay tuned……………………………….


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  1. Good luck brother!

    Comment by bgddyjim | February 15, 2013 | Reply

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