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Last run before raceday……

Tuesday was supposed to be the first of two runs to get tuned up for Sundays race. Looks like one will have to do!

After Saturdays good run, I felt fairly confident that this week would fly by and everything would go as planned. Monday, I did an inspection on a condominium, and, a fairly easy one at that. Not much wrong, not much to type up and, the building just happens to be at the turn for the A1A half Marathon! What could go wrong?


I woke up Tuesday morning and my right knee, that would be my “good” knee for those tuning in late, was hurting near my kneecap. It appears to be yet another in a series of cruel jokes being played on my by the age gods! I decided to run anyway. The time, 3:00 pm and the average temperature, a balmy 84 degrees! So much for winter!

Right away, my right knee began to hurt. I plodded on and finished one mile in 12:31. Although it was only 15 seconds slower than Saturdays first mile, it seemed twice as long! Mile 2 was completed in 12:42, heading in the wrong direction! Mile three was completed in roughly 13 minutes. During mile three, the hamburger I ate three hours earlier, returned! 😦

I came home, took my shoes and socks off and stood in the pool. Last night, I had to resort to taking some medication to fall asleep. As I was about to fall asleep, the doorbell rings and it is the neighbor from across the street.

Her husband is ill and suffering from cancer. The treatments are wearing on him and last week, he and his wife came over and asked if I would be able to help them if they needed it. I said certainly. When she showed up at my door, I feared the worst. Fortunately, her husband had just fallen off of the bed, not what I had feared, and as he took more than the required dose of sleeping medication, couldn’t get back on the bed. I went over and lifted him back into bed and moved him around so he wouldn’t fall out again. Ever try to move a semi-conscious body? With a bad shoulder?

Adding to that incident, Marshall has apparently contracted yet another form of the “death-mung” from school! He was up every half an hour, which means Daddy was up every half an hour! I woke up and got Marshall ready for school. After he and his Mother left, I went back to bed and slept until noon!

When I awoke, my right shoulder and triceps hurt like mad! Off to therapy! My skilled therapist worked out most of the kinks in my shoulder and also informed me, that I may have torn some meniscus in my knee. Today during therapy, I had what I would consider a “set-back” as I had to go backwards in the amount of weight I was using. Momma said there would be days like this!

The bottom line is that my next run will be the race this Sunday. Hopefully, with rest and ice, my knee will recover enough so that I can finish the race.

It is amazing how quickly things can turn. Last Saturday, I had visions of setting a personal best. Today, I don’t know if I will even be able to finish.

We will see what Sunday brings.


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  1. Good luck on Sunday! You know how to listen to your body and will do what’s best for you.

    Comment by Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme. | February 14, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks, if I listened to my body, I would be laying down! 🙂

      Comment by magnuminsp | February 15, 2013 | Reply

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