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5 more miles and the new, new, shoes!

Last week I got the new Sacouny Pro Guide 6 shoes and they were great. I decided to get another set a half a size bigger so I could add the Sorbothane inserts without trimming them. A stroke of genius if I say so myself!

Pro_guid_6 (1) (Custom)

On the left insert, I taped a piece of foam under the arch to protect the bone spur that I broke last year.
Pro_guid_6 (2) (Custom) Pro_guid_6 (4) (Custom)

The bottoms of the Pro Guide 6 shoes are much improved over their predecessor, the Pro Guide 5. Hopefully, this will translate to a longer lasting shoe.
Pro_guid_6 (5) (Custom)

And now, on to the run today.

After my morning ritual, it was time to run. I left the house at 6:15 and the goal was to run 5 miles in one hour or less.

Mile one: 12:15

Mile two: 12:06

Mile three: 12:01

Mile four:12:26

Mile five: 11:54

Total 5 miles in 1:00:42!

If you subtract the one minute warm up, that is under one hour!!!

I also ran the fastest mile at mile five and, had plenty “left in the tank”!

This was one of my better runs as there was virtually no pain with the exception of the first mile where there was minor pain in my calves, but that went away fairly quickly.

I had been concerned about the upcoming race as I haven’t really run the way I wanted to since the shoulder surgery. I am now confident that I can finish the A1A half marathon and do it in a good pace, hopefully, near 2:30. Speaking of the A1A half…….Look at this medal:


I think it weighs five pounds!!!

I can’t wait to add this one to the collection!

There are only two more training runs left next week and then race next Sunday!

Stay tuned……………………………


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