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A quick 5 miles!

As the A1A marathon draws closer, I am starting to get excited! For several reasons! One would be that it is another race and more hardware to add to my collection! Another would be, that after this race, the real training begins as it will be the beginning of marathon training! The Wine and Dine race will just be a training run…well sort of! More on that later.

On to todays run.

This run was supposed to take place yesterday, but, by the time I got all of the work related chores done, it was already noon, so the run got moved to today. The first issue is that there is pain in my left foot where the bone spur broke last year. To solve this issue, I pulled out the makeshift pad I used for the Tower of Terror race last year, installed it, and the pain went away, for the most part. With that out of the way, now down to the running.

The first mile was done in 11:49…way too fast!! I changed the run/walk settings to 1:30 running and 1:00 walking. Although this produced the desired result, a sub 12 minute mile, it also had adverse effects. Mile 2 was done in 13:35 which is where I want to be for the first three miles. It allows me to warm up as apparently, it takes at least three miles to warm up. By mile 2, my calves were aching. Remind me to crack my physical therapist for making me do a bunch of squats on Monday with my shoulder exercises. Mile 3 was done in 14:37 and a three-mile total was 40:01, which is a little slower than I liked, but, in a long race, starting out slow is better.

Miles 4 and 5 were done in 13:46 and 13:43 respectively for a 5 mile total of 1:07:30, which nets a 13:23 pace or so. Not really what I was looking for, but, at least all the pain stopped after mile four! The grand total was 5.28 miles in 1:10:43.

I am still on the Atkins diet which explains the slow times. I didn’t get out to run early enough and was out of fuel, but, still had some energy left to sprint to the finish. Also, the weight is down to 230 pounds and after Fridays run, I should be back in the 220s.

Now that all of the major party events are over with, it is time to get serious about the weight loss. I have two more runs this week and one next week, then race-day, a week from Sunday. We are also going to the Renfest for the next six weekends in a row, so that may put a slight ding in the weight loss! “Get me another drink wench”!!!

Speaking of the Renfest, I’ll be posting some pictures on the blog as well as some race pictures from the A1A race.

Stay tuned!!


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