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Weekend roundup!

Saturday was the day I was supposed to run 15 miles, actually, 14, but I wanted to go a little farther just in case the situation comes up at the A1A 1/2 Marathon.

I woke up at 4:00 am, just as planned, only had one elimination, not a good sign, took a shower and supplements, and was ready to run.  But first…………….

Being on a low carbohydrate diet for the entire week helped in many ways. I felt a lot better physically and also managed to lose 9 pounds. That is the good part. The bad part is that during endurance events, it appears they cannot be done without significant carbohydrate stores. On to the running…

I started out at my normal pace 13:19 for mile one. Mile 2 was accomplished in 12:02 and mile 3 was 13:03 for a 38:24 5K split. The next 5K was 12:33, 12:14, and 11:54. 5 miles was finished in 1:03:11 which is darn near a 12 minute mile pace! Mile 7 was my fastest mile at 11:22 followed by my slowest mile of 13:22 for mile 8. Things began to go wrong with the equipment at this point. My run/walk interval app stopped announcing when it was time to run or walk. Then, the home screen wouldn’t shut off on the phone, Endomondo went crazy and then, the phone decided to shut off!!!!!

I don’t know how far I ran/walked while trying to get the phone to work again, but knowing the route, it was probably a good mile and a half. According to Endomondo, I ran 8.44 miles at an average pace of 11:47… which if my memory is correct, would be my fastest pace to date. Now after getting the phone working again, time to finish. Unfortunately, while walking and stopping to get the phone working, bad things happened! The first of which, was, both hips began to hurt. My right 2 toes also cramped up. My left hamstring began to cramp up and, I was starving!!! I ate an entire bag of sports beans but I was still hungry! This is where the lack of carbohydrates came into play.

Looking a the numbers, 12:52 was my fastest lap and 14:49 my slowest as I could barely finish. Even so, the final 3 miles was accomplished in 41:46 which is only 3 minutes slower than my first 3 miles. I know I ran 14 miles or so in just under 3 hours. And, that was pretty much walking the last 3/4 of a mile as I didn’t want to hurt myself so close to race-day.

Sunday, was the Tour de Bar, a bicycle run from bar to bar until the start of the Super Bowl. I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate as I didn’t know how I would feel. When I woke up Sunday morning, there was little pain and the only thing that did hurt was, what I guess is the latest in a series of running injuries, the “IT Band”! There was a little pain from the side of my left hip all the way down to the side of my left knee and to the back of my left calf. One Tequila Sunrise later, no more pain!

I completed the Tour de Bar without incident or significant injury, so training will resume Tuesday morning. I will continue to do short runs, five-miles or so hopefully, up until race day. I will continue with the low carbohydrate diet until the day before the race. If I can shed another 10 pounds, that should help in the speed department and allow me to finish the A1A half marathon in under 3 hours. My actual goal is 2:30 or less, but, depending on how many people are in the way, that may not be possible.

Until Tuesday…………………………………..


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