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New pain…and some revoltin developments!

The last ten days have seen a whole host of changes. First, we can start with last Sunday. Since I have been running, I don’t seem to have the capacity to intake as much alcohol as I used to. Not to worry as having a child tends to curb the amounts, not frequency, that one may imbibe. It would appear, as the NFL season was winding down, my drinking has been winding up!  Sunday night, was the final game for my team, the New England Patriots, as apparently, someone forgot to set the alarm and the entire team failed to show up for the game! This led to an abnormally high consumption rate of alcohol. This is not good for ones weight control!

After Saturdays 12 mile run, which even though it was performed in 55 degree, rainy weather, was still one of my better runs, time for a little treat!

The day started off with gluten-free Mickey Mouse waffles.


Dinner Sunday night was the customary “victory” dinner consisting of, a garlic infused, standing rib roast, slow cooked on the grill over a “package” of hickory wood. Real, creamer, garlic mashed potatoes and a salad.

100_7027 (Large) (Custom) 100_7028 (Custom) 100_7030 (Custom)

The above meal, although delicious, is a demonstration of the carbohydrate overdose that I have been on. Last week, I consumed, in no particular order, sloppy joes, on gluten-free buns, hot dogs, on gluten-free buns, spaghetti, with gluten-free pasta, and of course, dessert…gluten-free Blue Bell vanilla ice cream! Even though I supposedly burned over 2500 calories on Saturdays run, a horrible present awaited me when I jumped on the scale. A number, 237.5 pounds, which is roughly 13 pounds heavier than what I weighed for the Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon!

As the A1A half marathon is only three weeks away, something needs to be done! Back to the tried and true Atkins diet. So far, in three days, I have lost six pounds. I need to keep this up in order to be under 220 pounds for the A1A half marathon.

On to other matters…………………………….

The bone spur in my left heel under my Achilles tendon, has been bothersome lately. I was looking for some sort of relief when I went with the wife to Sports Authority and she found some type of inserts. I tried them, and the stopped the pain in my heel, so I got a set of these: Airr Orthotic. They seemed great for walking around, unfortunately, they do not work for running, at least for me. 😦

The shin splints and calf pain returned during last Saturdays run, to the point, that I could only run one mile. I decided to run again Sunday with the same result! Meanwhile, I was also in search of a different set of shoes. I was very excited to see that Saucany has come out with the new version of my trusty Pro Guide 5s, the Pro Guide 6! I also got three pairs of different Asics shoes.

Now, we can fast forward to today.

All of the shoes arrived Monday night! Once again, Zappos is the absolute best. I ordered everything Saturday night and they arrived Monday. You can’t beat that!

The three pairs of Asics, all suffer from the same issue, they are too narrow. It is too bad as one of the shoes, seemed to be a good fit. Time to try the new Sauconys! These shoes are an improvement in comfort and fit from their predecessor!! So much so, that the two pairs of Pro guide 5s, that have never been taken out of the box, got sent back today along with the other shoes!

As I had to pressure-clean and acid-wash all of the sidewalks, walkways, and driveway, we have well water for our sprinkler system and everything gets stained, plus, they were all dirty and the code official appears to be on a crusade as everyone got written up for it, I decided to postpone yesterdays run to today. A good move!

Although my calves were a little sore along with the rest of my legs, using the new shoes, I managed to run 3.54 miles in 44:47 at an average pace of 12:42 minutes a mile. This is the same pace as the 12 mile run two weeks ago. For whatever reason, I run slower for the lower mileage runs. The Tuesday run of 3.79 miles was at a 13:20 pace. That is almost 40 seconds per mile faster for the run today. Although there was a little pain in my legs, after the first 2 miles, it all went away. I am looking forward to this Saturdays 15 mile run!!!

More good news!!

For those that use My fitness Pal to track their food and fitness, this app now integrates with Endomondo, so, your runs are automatically inserted into your daily diary!

I have to work tomorrow so, the next run will be Saturday….15 miles and I see a “cold” front is on the way!!!


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