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I hate Tuesday runs!!!!!

I don’t know why, but Tuesday runs never seem to be good. They are always accompanied by pain and usually, some sort of bizarre incident.

I woke up Tuesday morning at 5:00 am. I am happy that finally, my sleep schedule has returned to normal! Rest is a key ingredient to training…and just about everything else! I had the intentions of going out for an early run. Unfortunately, the adventure known as getting our son up, fed, teeth brushed, and dressed, which oddly enough, on vacation at Disney, takes about 15 minutes, at home, takes 45 minutes, got in the way!

I perform the ritual known as waking Marshall up. He is the master of the “five more minutes” already at the age of four! After making waffles for him, and making his lunch, he was ready for the bathroom. The bathroom adventure consists of, washing his hands and face, which usually takes roughly 5 minutes and 25 gallons of water. This is followed by, the “pooping”, which can take anywhere from five minutes to a half an hour. During the longer episodes, one can peer in to the bathroom, and see Marshall in the “Thinker” position on the toilet! Cute, yes, but we don’t have all day here!

Now, it is time for round two of the hand washing. This is followed by the drama-laced task of brushing ones teeth. The first issue is to get the cap off of the toothpaste. Depending on his mood, this may take Marshall several seconds or, a tear-filled journey down the hallway and the inevitable, “Mommy” yelp! After the brushing is complete, back down the hall and into his room to get dressed.

We let Marshall pick out his own clothes and he has done that since he was 2 1/2 years old, so that is the easy part. The hard part, getting dressed. Marshall has been dressing himself for the last two years and once again, on vacation, this task takes approximately five minutes. Today, at different intervals, I go in the room to check his progress and see a naked boy, staring at his clothes. Maybe he has telekinetic powers, or thinks he does, but the end result is, Daddy telling Marshall to “get dressed” at least 10 times.

Finally, after 50 minutes, Marshall is dressed and as luck would have it, so is Mommy! I send them both off to school and work respectively! Is it too early for a Tequila Sunrise? 🙂

I had to do an inspection Monday on a new home, an 11 month inspection.  This type of inspection is done to find things wrong on a new home and under the one year warranty, the builder will fix anything found wrong. The homeowner stated that there were issues with the daughter’s room not being as cool as the rest of the home. The numbers coming out of the a/c register were acceptable and so was the air flow. The problem must lie elsewhere.

I suspected either the duct work was kinked or there was some other problem that would require me to  traverse the majority of the attic to get to the room. I go through every attic on an inspection anyway, but doing this in a tight attic, with a recovering shoulder and not being able to use your biceps, makes things difficult. I do the attic inspection at the end of the inspection, so I don’t have to go through the entire inspection with insulation on me. As I crawled through this attic, I was greeted by two open electrical junctions. I wasn’t going to see if they were live, as crawling in an attic, covered with sweat, isn’t the best time to determine if the wiring was live.

Miller (135) (Custom) Miller (136) (Custom)

Continuing on, I finally made it to the daughter’s room where I found the following:

Miller (137) (Custom) Miller (138) (Custom)

Apparently, someone forgot to install the insulation and that is why this room was not as cool as the rest of the home! I am always happy when I solve a problem for one of my clients!

After Saturdays 12 mile run, I was a little sore on Sunday, but, before doing this inspection Monday, I felt great!!! I guess the mid-strike running pattern helped in the recovery as I was ready to run on Monday. By the time I finished the report, it was around 11:30 Tuesday. Being a Patriots fan, I usually listen to their radio show at noon, Patriots Football Weekly, PFW in Progress, which is two hours long. Since the Patriots lost, this would be an interesting show, so I listened to it. Now, it is 2:00 and the guys on the show decided to do an extra hour. Now, it is 3:00!

I filled my water bottles, took a shower, and then, started the run, at roughly 4:00.

Almost immediately, I was tired and my legs felt like they were made of concrete. My first mile was at a 13:26 pace, which was better than I expected. By mile two, I was fighting an old nemesis,  shin splints and calf pain! That lap was my slowest at a 14:12 pace!!!! I redeemed myself on mile three with a 13:17 pace as I remembered how I used to run to eliminate the pain from the shin splints and calf pain. The last .79 of a mile was done in 10 minutes, so, I was on pace for a 12 minute mile, finally.

It seems, and I have spoken to other runners and they agree, that on the longer runs, they do better. It seems I don’t get warmed up until mile three! When I got home, the first thing I did was put on my compression socks. Yes, they do work, at least for recovery purposes.

This morning, I am slightly sore in my calves,  but the pain in my shins is gone.

Tomorrow should be a good run in the early morning, and Saturday will be probably, a six-mile run or so. I am trying to average 12-15 miles a week in order to lose a little weight. Speaking of which, I have returned to the 220’s as I weighed 229 pounds last night! I want to get under 220 pounds for the upcoming A1A 1/2 Marathon in order to reach my goal of finishing in 2 1/2 hours or less.

We shall see what Thursdays run is like!


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