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Monday Morning Wrap-Up

After the run Saturday, I thought I would be in more pain. Aside from the result of the Patriots/Ravens game, I am actually feeling very little pain. Just a little soreness in my left foot.

It appears as though the new mid-foot strike running style is helping in my running as well as my recovery. I couldn’t run that way due to the broken bone spur in my foot. I had to run in a manner that took the pressure off of that foot, which seems to have placed pressure on my right foot and hip. During the run Saturday, my hips started to hurt near the end of the run. I think that is a good sign as previously, only my right hip hurt, but it hurt a lot, almost to the point where I couldn’t run. This pain was more than likely a result of the weather and the fact that this was the longest run since my surgery.

Today is an off day as I have to work, then, physical therapy, and tomorrow will be a five-mile run.

In other news, I have learned that it appears my Saucany Pro Grid five shoes are being replaced with the Pro Grid sixes! I hope they haven’t made any drastic changes in the shoes. The good news is that although the manufacturer said they wouldn’t make any other shoes in a size 4E, these shoes do come in that size! I’ll be ordering a set this week as I have to order new shoes for the wife.

I am also happy to report, that the new glucosimane supplement appears to be starting to take effect. My joints are starting to feel a little “looser”! And, the cost is less than the Trigosamine, which I can no longer find, was. I am looking forward to the A1A Half-Marathon as I think I can do well enough to get into the B Corral for the Disney Wine and Dine race, later in the year.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes first…………………………   🙂


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