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12 miles and I am on track again!

Yesterdays run went better than expected. First, we have to go back to Friday. Friday I did an inspection on a home in Boynton Beach. When I get to the door, the nanny greets me and the husband staggers down the stairs. He says, ” I am a Realtor and know the procedure, do what you want, my wife and I have food poising or the stomach flu”! Against my better judgement ,I did the inspection. By the time I got to the master bedroom, the husband was under the covers, and the wife was curled up on the floor in the fetal position……with a bucket nearby!

I know all too well this feeling as it happened to us last year. It was the stomach flu and I spent the entire night on the bathroom floor in the same position as this lady. This was the night before our trip to Disney, and the wife had to make a stop on the roadside, as she became afflicted with this disease.

I finished the inspection, came home and did the report, went to physical therapy and got Marshall from daycare.  By this time, it is near dinner time and I didn’t take anything out to cook and the wife didn’t feel like trekking out to eat. So, we ordered from  our favorite Italian restaurant, Bella Romas. I got chicken wings as that and the salads are all I can eat from there. We finished dinner, did the dishes, gave Marshall his bath, and relaxed on the couch. After about 45 minutes, I feel the unmistakable pain in my stomach, which indicates, something has gone horribly wrong.

I feared the worst….that I had contracted the disease from the couple in the home I inspected and had a weekend of laying on the bathroom floor ahead of me. This might be detrimental in my running effort! Fifteen minutes later, I was in the bathroom. Fortunately, I was not vomiting, just a lot of stool expulsion.

The plan was to go to bed around 9:00 pm and get up at 4:00 am to simulate the upcoming race. Things didn’t quite work out that way. I spent the next four hours going back and forth from the couch to the bathroom, finally ending this “dance” at 2:00 am. I fell asleep and woke up at 4:00 am, thanks to our trusty alarm, Samantha who likes to tread on Daddys bladder for 15 minutes before finally falling asleep on my chest.

The alarm goes off at 5:00 am…which was about 12 minutes after I fell asleep! Might as well get up! I have to say, even though I didn’t get much sleep, it was quality sleep. It appears I am finally over the night sweats from the surgery and my sleep pattern is uninterrupted. I decided to try a cup of coffee instead of my usual shot of NoExplode. The NoExplode seems to bloat me to the point where it takes at least three hours for the bloat to go away. The bloating puts pressure on my lungs and I have trouble breathing when I run. I then get tired, which is what was happening in the two previous runs.

I had one cup of coffee and since milk bloats me and gives me wicked gas, I used the chocolate Boost and some sweetener. I had my usual two eliminations and now it was time to “dope up”. In order to prevent any accidental bowel movements, I take four Advil gel caps prior to running. This seems to bind me up and I was certain I would need binding today! I also take my glucosamine supplement as well as two gas pills to prevent any bloating. Time to load up the fuel belt. Three 10 oz bottles of Gatorade and three of water. One bag of sport beans. One quick note about the sport beans. The resealable bag is a great idea, however, just like every other resealable bag, they are a pain to open, especially with sweaty hands while you are walking. I cut the top of the bag open beneath the re-sealing strip and just folded it over, then put it in the storage pouch on my belt.

Finally, I was ready to run. The temperature was a balmy 64 degrees with the wind chill, real feel temperature was 60 degrees. Perfect running weather. As it was still dark out, I didn’t notice the gray clouds. One mile into the run, it started to rain. First a light drizzle, then a steady rain…which accompanied me the entire run!!

During the week, I happened to see a chart on Facebook from Saucany with running tips. One was to run promoting a mid foot strike. When I run, due to my injuries, every walk interval is spent trying to figure out a way to eliminate the pain from the previous run interval. Sometimes I have to run on the outsides of my feet to eliminate pain in my shins. Other times, I have to run “heel to toe” to prevent pain in my mid-foot. Today, I tried to concentrate on the mid-foot strike method of running.

I ran the first three miles in 37:43 and the third mile was my fastest with an 11:50 time. This translates to roughly a 12:30 minute pace. A little slow, but it is better to start slow and gradually get faster.

I finished 5 miles in 1:02:01 which is close to a 12 minute mile pace. I had no pain and was running pretty easily.

After 8 miles, my time was 1:39:29 which is pretty close to an even pace. My pace was around 12:26 for a majority of the run til this point.

Mile 9 was my slowest mile at 13:24. My run/walk interval app went haywire and probably is what caused this.

Mile 10 was done in 12:44 so I was getting back on track. The 10 mile time was 2:05:37 which is 15 minutes faster than my Tower of Terror finishing time. It was at this time, that my toes began to cramp. Also, my hands were pruned and I was completely soaked as I had been running in a steady downpour for two hours! The cold weather also seemed to be taking its toll as my hips began to hurt. I pressed on!

Miles 11 and 12 were completed a little slower than I would have liked at 13:12 and 13:07 respectively. I finished 12 miles in 2:31:56 with an average pace of 12:41 mile.

In recap, I had four miles in the 13 minute range, with 13:24 being the slowest. I had 7 miles in the 12 minute range with the slowest being 12:47 and the fastest being a 12:00 on mile 5.

I had one lap in the 11:00 minute (11:50 at mile three). I need more of those.

All of these numbers are believed to be accurate as I used the Endomondo app and I tested that app against the wife’s new Garmin 410 watch and the numbers were identical.

This is the first long run since the surgery and it appears, I am getting my “wind” back as I wasn’t really tired. I was out of fuel, for obvious reasons, but other than that, a successful run.

This morning, I have a little soreness in my calves and hips. Nothing a little Advil can’t contain. The plan for next week is to run 5 miles Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The following week will be 5, 5, and 14 miles on Saturday! I will be changing the run/walk interval from 45 seconds running to 1 minute running and 1 minute walking. I’ll have to see what the numbers come in for that run to determine my settings for the race.

The rest of the day will be making Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast for the family, getting the standing rib roast and some red potatoes for dinner and watching the NFL conference championship games.

Next week will be the ramp up week and into heavy training for the A1A half marathon. Then, comes the training for the Wine and Dine half marathon, which will include some speed work and also venturing into running 20-plus miles as I prepare for next years Disney Marathon. At that point, hopefully, I’ll get the 26.2 sticker to go next to my 13.1 sticker!!!!


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