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Back on the road……………….

Today was the first “official” training run for the A1A half marathon. Unfortunately, last night, I didn’t get any sleep and to make matters worse, the night sweats returned! This latest surgery is having some long-range effects and I am not happy with any of them! Well, at least the shoulder is getting much better. Although physical therapy is a nuisance, it is working. When I move my shoulder, there is little pain and no grinding. I actually threw a football 15 yards yesterday with little pain! Meanwhile, I am still not allowed to do anything with my biceps. Tomorrow is the next doctors appointment and hopefully, he tells me I can start to use the biceps. The big reason I want to use the biceps is that my triceps are doing all of the work…and getting quite tired doing it!!

On to the run today. After my usual shower, I donned my water belt and took off. I have set my run/walk interval trainer to 45 seconds run, one minute walk. At this time, it is still too much as I struggled to finish 2 miles while maintaining a 12 minute mile pace. Tuesday runs suck!!!! Anyway, I have determined that I need to lose some weight as this recovery has added 10 pounds to my frame and running at 230 pounds seems to be preventing me from getting below the 12 minute pace. I may change my running days to Monday, Wednesday and Friday as it appears as though I am behind where I feel I need to be for this upcoming race. I also need to get back into the gym.

In future news………………………………..

The decision has been made to run this years Wine and Dine race in Disney this year. We are using our accumulated points on the Disney card and will be staying in a higher end resort…preferably one with a hot tub!!  For 2014,  I will run my first full marathon, January 2014! We will run the Wine and Dine later in the year. And Ringing in the new year, 2015, I will be doing the “Goofy”. A Half Marathon on Saturday and the Full Marathon on Sunday. I will then expire!! 🙂 As long as our friend Jen does the Wine and Dine, so will we. The wife and I just may do it because we enjoy that particular event at Disney, more than most other events.

It looks like I will be running tomorrow as I booked an inspection on a 5 million dollar home for Thursday, which should take all day. Good money though……… 🙂


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