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Wine and Dine Results

I know it has been a couple of weeks since the race, but, here is the complete breakdown for everything that took place.

The first thing that happened was that the wifes work had their periodic inspections the week of the race! That meant that our planned leaving day of Thursday had to be scrapped and we left Friday morning. This also negated our plans to “enjoy” the wine and dine booths!! It also meant that everything else got compressed into nearly one day!

We left the house Friday around 9:00 am and got to Disney at nearly noon. We checked in and then spent the day at Epcot, enjoying the wine and dine festivities! We went to bed at 10:00 and slept fairly well….considering that Marshall was sick and as if that wasn’t bad enough, snoring like a freight train!!!


Saturday morning. We got up early and drove over to the Expo at Wide World of Sports. We got all of our packages and I also got my corral placement fixed. I was in the “F” corral, which is the very, very, last placement changed to the “D” corral, which was better, but “C” would have been better! After checking in we took Marshall to his grandparents house and got back to the room at around 2:00 pm.

Time for the champions lunch, meat loaf and mashed potatoes!! I made this Thursday night and we heated it up in the microwave. Speaking of which, the “value” resorts at Disney lack certain things. One being a microwave, the other, a coffee machine! If Teala doesn’t get her coffee, she may not wake up! 🙂 We also brought our trusty Cuisinart frying pan, which came in handy for some grilled cheese sandwiches and breakfast!

4:00: Time for a nap…no nap possible! We now got all of our running gear in place, bibs, water belts, etc.

6:00: Time for the hot bath to loosen up these old and very cold bones!!! Also, time for a dose of NoXplode and Nitrix.

7:00 Time to get on the bus to Wide World of Sports.

7:25: We arrive at the staging area, which was the parking lot at Wide World of Sports. Did I mention it was cold?

9:00: Time to check in our bags. These bags carry all the essentials. Deodorant, a change of clothes, snacks, etc. After you tie the bags in a knot, the disappear and magically reappear at the end of the race!

10:00: Waiting to get the race started. Every 5 minutes, another bracket was started, wheelchair, Bracket, A, B, C, and finally D at 10:20.

Before I get into the race results, here is what it takes to run this race, at least for me:

  1. 4 Advil gelcaps
  2. 4 325 mg Vicodin
  3. 2 Publix gas pills
  4. 1 Boost
  5. Amphipod 63 oz water belt with three bottles of Gatorade and three of water.
  6. Two packs of Sport Beans

Using the water belt, I was able to avoid a majority of the traffic in the early going. I didn’t have to get any water until mile 7. The Gatorade lasted until Mile 12.

The Vicodin was needed as my foot still hurt and my knees were really painful. At the end, I’ll tell everyone why!

And now, on to the race!!!!

Day Distance Time Pace Average speed
Saturday 0.5 0:09:03 3.30
November 10, 2012 1 0:05:40 5.20
1.5 0:05:47 5.20
2 0:05:50 5.10
2.5 0:05:53 5.10
0:38:36 (Somehow, faster than the Tower of Terror time) 3.1 0:05:46 0:12:41 5.20
0:43:49 3.5 0:05:15 5.70
4 0:05:37 5.30
4.5 0:05:33 5.10
 At 5 miles, I was cruising, just my knees were hurting! 5 0:05:57 0:12:07 5.30
5.5 0:05:47 5.20
 1:17:27 Computer time 6 0:05:36 5.40
 1:18:25 Chip time 6.5 0:05:43
7 0:05:33
7.5 0:05:55
8 0:06:04
8.5 0:05:54
9 0:05:50
1:59:02 (15k chip time) 9.5 0:06:03
1:58:36 (15k computer  time) 10 0:06:18 0:11:52
10.5 0:06:08
11 0:05:23
11.5 0:05:51
12 0:06:06
12.5 0:06:14
13 0:06:04
2:40:40 13.1 0:01:24
13.5 0:05:00
 According to the run tracker, I actually ran 14 miles  14 0:06:41
 2:53:56 Run tracker time  14.1 0:06:01
 Chip time: 2:52:36
Totals: 13.1 2:53:56 0:13:11 5.09

Official race results

Age: 52 Gender: M

Distance HALF MAR
Clock Time 3:08:45
Chip Time 2:52:36
Overall Place 7497 / 11617
Gender Place 2958 / 3947
Division Place 195 / 274
Age Grade 39.5%
5K 38:36
10K 1:18:25
15K 1:59:02

By the end of this race, and the numbers bear this out as my slowest miles were the first mile, due to traffic which according to Endomondo was a 15:51 time, to the last mile which was a 14:49 time, due to exhaustion, I was out of fuel. When I crossed the finish line, I was looking for a bottle of water and a place to fall down. My knees hurt to the point that I couldn’t walk. After the race, I sat down, rested a bit, and then, met Teala and some of our friends from Kentucky that ran the race, and proceeded to drink and eat our way around Epcot, until 4:00 am!! I guess I wasn’t that tired.

I was disappointed as I thought I would be able to finish this race near the speed of the Tower of Terror race, which although it was 3.1 miles shorter, my training had shown I had made a big improvement in my time. I guess I will have to wait for the next race to get under 2 and a half hours. 😦

The following morning as I was putting my shoes away, I noticed that they were completely worn out!

Here are the old shoes:

By comparison, the new shoes:

This may have accounted for the painful knees!! As I have started training for the next race, the A1A 1/2 Marathon in February, I switched to the new shoes and the pain went away. I have also switched running apps to Endomondo, as it appears to be the most accurate, and Sports Tracker, which gives me my updates as to speed and pace. Since this race, I have made two runs, 4 and 6 miles respectively, and the pace is steady at 12:08 pace per mile. I plan on getting that down to 11:30 by the time February rolls around. That pace should get me near the 2 hour, 30 minute goal. By this time next year, I plan on running the 2013 Wine and Dine in 2 hours………………or less!!

Stay tuned……………………………………………………..


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  1. Go for a slow ride after and you should be able to leave most of the medication in the bottle. The first mile or two will suck, but I always loosen up after that. Keep it up.

    Comment by bgddyjim | November 27, 2012 | Reply

    • The medication was mostly for the pain in my recently broken foot. Due to my worn out shoes, it was needed, and didn’t help much, for my knees. My knees were so sore the next day, I could barely press the gas pedal down driving home! The good news is, that with the new shoes, I have run over 10 miles and no pain in my legs at all.

      I actually use the Advil to “bind me up” during the longer runs to avoid any bathroom breaks. So far, I have never had to use the restroom on any run. I drink plenty of water during the runs as well as after so my kidneys should be fine.

      The A1A Marathon should be a real test!

      Comment by magnuminsp | November 27, 2012 | Reply

      • I’ve never heard of the Advil trick – that is 100% pure awesome. Didn’t know about the broken foot, sorry about that. Good luck on your marathon brother.

        Comment by bgddyjim | November 27, 2012

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