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Playlist for Wine and Dine

As I am putting together the final list of items for the upcoming Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon, I decided to post my song list.


Song Artist Length      
Heartache in blues ZZ Top 0:04:09      
Turn up the Radio Autograph 0:04:42      
Ain’t Talkin bout Love Van Halen 0:03:49      
Wild Eyed Southern Boy 38 Special 0:04:19      
Pretty Woman Van Halen 0:04:34      
White Lines Duran Duran 0:05:23      
Hold On Loosely 38 Special 0:04:36      
Buck Nekkid ZZ Top 0:03:02      
Wanted Dead or Alive Bon Jovi 0:05:10      
Youv’e got another thing comin Judas Priest 0:05:07      
Tush ZZ Top 0:02:17      
Enter Sandman Metalica 0:05:31      
I gotsta get paid ZZ Top 0:04:02      
Holy Diver Ronnie James Dio 0:05:22      
La Grange ZZ Top 0:03:54      
Panama Van Halen 0:03:31      
A View to a Kill Duran Duran 0:03:35      
Hells Bells AC/DC 0:05:12      
Flyin High ZZ Top 0:04:17      
Come Undone Duran Duran 0:04:35      
Rock Me Great White 0:07:14      
Freebird Lynard Skynard 0:08:56      
It’s too easy Manana ZZ Top 0:04:47      
Relax don’t do it Frankie goes to Hollywood 0:03:55      
Unchained Van Halen 0:03:28      
Ordinary World Duran Duran 0:05:36      
Sad but True Metalica 0:05:24      
Humans being Van Halen 0:05:08      
Wango Tango Ted Nugent 0:04:51      
Waitin for the bus ZZ Top 0:02:53      
Jesus left Chicago ZZ Top 0:03:31      
Cat Scratch Fever Ted Nugent 0:03:40      
Rockin into the night 38 Special 0:03:56 2:30:26 Hopefully, I’ll be done by this point!!   
Big Shiny Nine ZZ Top 0:03:10      
I don’t want to lose you ZZ Top 0:04:20      
Have a little mercy ZZ Top 0:03:18      
Consumption ZZ Top 0:03:47      
Chartreuse ZZ Top 0:02:57      
She’s just killing me ZZ Top 0:04:55      

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  1. That’s a lotta ZZ right there!

    Comment by bgddyjim | November 7, 2012 | Reply

    • My favorite band……………………………. 🙂
      Keeps the blood pumping and it appears as though the weather may dip into the low forties during the race! I’ll need all the inspiration I can get!

      Comment by magnuminsp | November 7, 2012 | Reply

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