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15 miles…WOW!!!

It has been a busy couple of weeks since the last post. During that time, I got a new vehicle, a 2012 Dodge Durango Crew, fully loaded.

This should make the trip to Disney next week a little easier!

After the 12.5 mile run two weeks ago, it took until the following Thursday to recover. I had pain in my left foot where the bone spur had previously broken. I had slight pain in my right shin. Other than that, nothing much.

The following Monday, I had lunch with a few friends and got food poisoning. What ever type of poisoning it was, it lasted over a week. I tried to run Saturday the 20th, and struggled mightily just to finish 3.18 miles in 40 minutes at a 4.7 pace. As that was only three weeks away from the race, I was a little concerned. The only good news about the poisoning, was I lost 7 pounds!!

I did not train at all the following week as I had work and the wife was out-of-town, so I had to take care of our son and just didn’t have the time. Fast forward to Saturday.

One of the things I did, was to replace my fuel belt hydration belt, with this: Amphibod Runlite 4. I also got two additional 10 oz bottles and clips. After a few trial fits, I got all six bottles in place and in a comfortable position. The pouch that this belt comes with is small, but did hold some gel cubes. I am going to order 4 more 10 oz bottles which will give me a total of 60 ozs. of liquid refreshment. Three of the bottles will be filled with Gatorade as the Powerade on the course is undrinkable.

On to the numbers……………………………………….

Day Distance Time Pace Average speed
Saturday 0.5 0:06:40 4.50 (1 minute warm up included)
October 27, 2012 1 0:05:39 5.30
1.5 0:05:29 5.50
2 0:05:18 5.70
2.5 0:05:21 5.60
 5K 34:07 3 0:05:38 0:11:22 5.30
3.5 0:05:33 5.40
 Fastest lap 4 0:04:59   6.00
4.5 0:05:39 5.30
5 0:05:42 5.30
5.5 0:05:21 5.60
6 0:05:31 5.40
6.5 0:05:35 5.40
7 0:05:30 5.40
7.5 0:05:40 5.30
8 0:05:29 5.50
8.5 0:05:26 5.50
 Filled water bottles 9 0:07:09 4.20
9.5 0:05:26 5.50
1:52:44 10 0:05:30 0:11:15 5.40
10.5 0:05:42 5.30
11 0:05:48 5.20
11.5 0:05:53 5.10
12 0:05:46 5.20
12.5 0:06:04 4.90
 2:27:56 13 0:05:56 5.00
13.5 0:06:15 4.80
14 0:06:17 4.80
14.5 0:06:03 5.00
15 0:06:11 4.80
15.43 0:05:41 4.50
Totals: 15.43 2:58:11 0:11:33 5.22

This was by far, my best run on virtually every level! The 5K in 34 minutes is a personal best. The 10 mile time was almost a half hour faster than my Tower of Terror time! The only downside, was after the 13 miles, I began to slow. This was due to slight cramping of my right calf. Not like it was at the ToT race, but enough to slow down so as not to injure myself. I am guessing that I should be able to finish this race around 2 hours and 15 minutes or faster. Now that I know I can run the distance and beyond, I can add a little speed on the back half of the race.

The aftermath. For the first time, my knees hurt after running 15 miles. The pain came on Sunday afternoon and finally went away today. I was beginning to worry as for the first time, my quadriceps hurt as well. There is pain in my left foot where the bone spur broke as well as my right shin. I am guessing I will be taking a few days off after the Wine and Dine race. One other issue is that this will probably be the last race in my shoes. Looking at the bottoms of them, they really wore a lot on this run.

At the time of this writing, I officially pronounce myself ready for the Wine and Dine race!!

After the race, I will post the entire routine I use on race day, including meals, playlist,  hydration numbers, and hopefully, pace numbers from the phone app. I say hopefully, as at the ToT race, everything stopped after five miles!

Until after the race…………………………………………………….


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