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First big run…………………..

Today was the day to increase my distance as part of the training for the Wine and Dine half marathon. Before we get into that, a few old items to dispose of.

After the Tower of Terror race, my shins, the right one in particular, was hurting somethin fierce! Fortunately, it was time for a visit to my foot doctor, Dr. Brady. He gave me some lifts to help protect and reduce the pain coming from my left heel bone spur. This worked and a majority of the pain from my heel has subsided. While looking at my shoes, as I chose to wear my new pair the day of the exam, he noticed the inserts I had and said, these aren’t doing much. So, this gets me thinking, what if I doubled the thickness of the pads or, took the other pads out of my work shoes and put them in my running shoes?

I decided for the run today, to increase the padding of the shoes. I have one of the thick blue pads for my left foot and had to use two of the thinner Dr. Scholls pads in my right shoe as it appears as though I have lost one of my pads. The run Thursday was a test of this configuration and it didn’t seem to make a difference, except, after the run, there was no pain in my shins! I have always felt that if I could eliminate the pain in my legs while running, I could probably make some progress. It would appear as though I was correct!

The results of this mornings run:

Day         Distance          Time          Pace                  Average speed
Saturday 0.5 0:06:36 4.54
1 0:05:53 5.10
1.5 0:05:58 5.02
2 0:06:07 4.90
2.5 0:05:57 5.03
3 0:05:32 0:12:01 5.41
3.5 0:05:38 5.32
4 0:05:20 5.61
4.5 0:05:04 5.92
5 0:05:43 5.24
5.5 0:05:35 5.36
6 0:05:38 5.32
6.5 0:05:44 5.23
7 0:05:35 5.36
7.5 0:05:26 5.51
8 0:06:18 4.76
8.5 0:05:44 5.23
9 0:05:42 5.26
9.5 0:05:37 5.34
10 0:05:57 0:11:30 5.03
10.5 0:05:43 5.24
11 0:05:34 5.39
11.5 0:05:44 5.22
12 0:05:39 5.30
12.34 0:04:13 0:11:30 4.82
Totals: 12.34 2:21:57 0:11:30 5.22

This is almost the exact time I ran the Tower of Terror 10 mile race in!

This run was completely pain-free and I still have plenty “left in the tank”!

I am guessing the cooler temperatures may have also helped. I can guarantee, they didn’t hurt the effort!

The rest of the day will be spent relaxing and waiting for any pain to show up. Hopefully, it doesn’t.

Either next Monday or possibly tomorrow, I will have a post about the latest hardware and running aids I am using. The Fuelbelt four-bottle belt is going to get shipped back to Zappos as it just doesn’t do the job. There will be a few other tweaks detailed in the next post.

Until then…

Everyone have a great weekend!!


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