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Wine and Dine training first run!

As I embark on training for the Wine and Dine half marathon, there were many things learned from the Tower of Terror race. In order to finish the race several things had to be done. For those that haven’t been following this blog, I’ll give you a small recap. I started training for this event a year and a half ago where I ended up tearing my calf muscle due to in part, improper shoes.

Training for this years event started in January and for the most part, went according to schedule following the Jeff Galloway training method. Then, on my birthday no less, August 4th, I broke a bone spur in my left foot. This meant no training for a month. Fortunately, I am a fast healer and got the OK to resume training after a month in a walking boot. Unfortunately, this was only two weeks prior to the race.  I did manage to get enough training in to finish the race, relatively unscathed.

It has been a week and I finally feel good enough to start running again.

Saturday 10/6/2012– Ran 3.12 miles in 36:10 which is a 11:34 pace. That is the fastest pace for that distance to date! The slowest lap, 1/2 mile, was 6:01. I am trying to get down to a 10 minute mile pace by the time the Wine and Dine race rolls around, for the smaller,3-4 mile, runs. I suspect that will translate to a 12:00 or less pace for that race, which is my goal. To attain that goal, certain things are going to have to change.

Since I broke my foot, for the Tower of Terror race, I had to insert a pad where the arch is in my shoe, to help protect that area of my foot. Fortunately, this little bit of padding was just enough as there was no pain in that area. While at Disney the Friday before the race, I wore my New Balance shoes, which as it turns out, was a mistake.  These shoes, All Terrain Trail shoes, had limited padding. I had purchased these Dr. Scholls air pillow inserts. Walking around Disney was tolerable in these shoes with the inserts, however, compared to my Saucanys, they were like walking in sandals!

It would appear that the only shoe I can run or walk in is the Saucany Pro Grid 5s. There is still a small problem with shin splints on my right leg, so, that needs to be addressed. I bought a set of the CVS Pharmacy Double Air Foam inserts and trimmed them to fit in my running shoes and put them under the actual Saucany insert. This seems to be better as it provides more cushioning.  It would appear that 52 year-old bones do not like running very much! We shall see during tomorrows run.

There is of course another issue that had to be addressed at the ToT race. The bone spur in the back of my foot. I used some sports wrap tape and taped the back of my ankle. This has to be done for every run!

I don’t know how long I will have to use the makeshift insert on my arch and the tape on my heel, but, if it takes away the pain, fine!

There were also a few problems discovered during the ToT race. One of which was the Fuel Belt hydration belt.  The two front water bottles fell out twice during the race. Also, the amount of liquid that is held in the bottles wasn’t sufficient enough for the 10 mile race, so I doubt it will suffice for the 13 mile race!

After looking around, I have decided to double, actually a little more than double, my liquid carrying capacity by using this: Camelback Delaney DC. This hydration belt has two smaller bottles for that goo type supplement, which I won’t be using as the reviews from almost everyone who has tasted this stuff, were less than positive to downright vulgar! I’ll fill one large and small bottle with Gatorade and the rest with water to avoid some slowing while trying to get near a water station. This should increase my speed by a few minutes.

This belt also has a larger carrying pack as opposed to the Fuelbelt, which incidently, the zipper broke a week after I got it. This should allow me to stock up on the Jelly Beans and other items that may be needed for nutritional purposes. The drawback to this belt is weight. I don’t think it will be a problem as it should all be balanced out in the small of my back. It will arrive Wednesday and Thursday will be the first run with it. If it works out, it will be used for Saturdays 12.5 mile run.

Pain management. Normally, I take four Advil gel capsules about an hour prior to running. After I broke my foot, a little more medication was required. One Vicodin was all I needed. Also, to prevent bloating, I took two gas pills made by Publix, I’ll have to look up exactly what they are, but that worked and prevented almost any gas from forming. Normally, during training runs, I have to burp pretty much through the entire run. I wasn’t quite sure how the Disney types would view this, but fortunately, this was never an issue. I must have gotten the food/liquid mixture perfect as I had no bloating or any burping at all!

Thursdays run will be for either a half an hour or 3 miles, whichever comes first! Saturday will be a big test for all of the newest modifications. I will also, more than likely, have to get a new phone. For some unknown reason, the Atrix2 phone, when used with headphones, starts to dial the last number I called…..and doesn’t stop! Placing the phone in the “airplane” mode solved this, however, screwed up the GPS and, everything had to be turned back on or it wouldn’t save half the data. I thought it was the socket where the headphones go in so I got a set of bluetooth headphones, which stopped the issue for a while. The issue has reappeared and the big problem is that it shuts off the voice prompts, so I have no idea what my pace is!

I deactivated the double-tap home button and so far, this has solved the problem.

Tuesday should be fun!!


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