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Friend Making Mondays

Off to the gym for a chest and arm workout and then running tomorrow. In the meantime, today’s edition of Friend Making Monday.

Inside Your Home

1. Do you live in an apartment/condo, townhouse or house?  House.

2. What is your home’s coolest feature? The back patio and pool. If I could, I’d live there!

3.  Do you enjoy DIY projects?  If so, what are you working on now?  I have spent 15 years remodeling/repairing this home. No projects are currently planned!

4. When using the dishwasher do you use powder detergent or liquid?  I use the finish powerball blocks that automatically dissolve! They are the best!

5. Do you have a TV in your bedroom? Yes, and every other room except Marshalls.

6.  Is your range gas or electric?  Electric.

7.  How often do you sweep/mop/vacuum?  Once a week and the Roomba takes care of the daily vacuuming!

8.  What is your favorite place to shop for home furniture and accents?  Everywhere. You see, men don’t shop for “accents”. We get things we need!

9.  Do you decorate for holidays?  Yes…reluctantly! Although the house looks nicer, especially around Christmas, it is a lot of work!

10.  If you could have HGTV come in and redo one room in your home which room would you choose? None. They are all already done. They could give the yard a makeover though!

One other thing, as a word processor/text editor program, WordPress Sucks!!!!!!


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