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An unfortunate update :(

I realize it has been a few weeks since the last post, but, many things have happened.

First the good…………..

Our son has a cyst in an area of his brain. It was discovered during an MRI for a dermoid cyst that was above his right eye when he was 9 months old. We have had to get an MRI done every year and last year, the cyst doubled in size. We just got the results of the latest MRI and the cyst is the size it was back in 2009. Hopefully, it continues to shrink and all will be well. We will see next year.

The next bit of good news is that my annual golf tournament went off without a problem! Four days and three nights at beautiful Spring Lake Golf!

And now, on to the bad news.

Saturday, August 4, aside from being my birthday, was also the day to run 8 miles. I started the run in the morning and everything felt fine. Breathing was good and there was no pain in either leg. The average pace for the first five miles was in the 12:30 minute mile range, which is right where I want to be. Near the end of mile six, I felt and heard a “snap” from my left foot. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but it did hurt. This actually happened during one of the “walk” intervals and not running. I continued to run as it felt better.
Every-time I walked, it hurt worse. I managed to eek out 7 3/4 miles before I decided that I should get home.

Here is are the run tracks:

Day Distance Time Pace Average speed
Saturday 0.5 0:06:33 4.60
August 4, 2012 1 0:06:12 4.80
1.5 0:06:03 4.90
2 0:06:31 4.60
2.5 0:06:26 4.70
3 0:06:44 4.40
3.5 0:07:00 4.30
4 0:07:10 4.20
4.5 0:06:46 4.40
5 0:06:36 4.50
5.5 0:06:46 4.40
6 0:07:18 4.10
6.5 0:08:14   3.60 (ouch)
  7 0:10:14   2.90
7.42 0:07:31 3.40
Totals: 7.42 1:46:04 0:14:18 4.25

Being someone who hates going to the doctor, quoting my mom, “They always find things wrong”, I decided to do a little research and determined that it was plantar fasciitis. A little rest, stretching and ice, and I should be fine. After a week, nothing got better. At the behest of my wife, I contacted a foot doctor, Dr. Brady. I told him what happened and he said, “I think it is something else”! Great!

X-rays were taken and it turns out, he was right. I have two bone spurs in my foot. One at the back near the Achilles heel and the other one, under the bottom of my foot, under the plantar fascia tendon. Although not totally visible in the x-ray, this bone spur runs the width of my foot. The “snap” I felt was this spur breaking. It was also discovered that sometime in my youth, I broke my big toe! Ahhhh.. Tequila is a wonderful thing! Seems it happened in my 20s after a friend reminded me of a late night incident involving said foot and a certain Barracuda! Maybe I should have gone to the doctor for that one. 😉

This has put a damper on my training to say the least! Although I did manage to play 70 holes of golf over the weekend, now, I am in a walking boot for four weeks!

What is even worse, is that I have to wear another shoe with an insert on my right foot or my left knee hurts! The doctor said I could ride a bike and swim, so I will start doing that next week. I will ride the bike three times as far as the running and I think that should keep the endurance up. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be nine miles and Saturday will be 27….or so. 🙂

The remainder of this week will be spent resting..and contrary to popular belief, lying around the house is one thing I really hate to do!

The next post will be next week after Tuesdays bike ride.


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  1. Nice boot! Old injuries have a way of sneaking up on us as the years roll on. You know what to do to get better.
    Great news in regards to your Son, wish him and you the best!

    Comment by CultFit | August 23, 2012 | Reply

  2. This injury is just me getting old! I could blame it on “Big Mike”, one of this blogs followers, since he broke his ankle recently, but I don’t think that would be fair!
    The cyst in my sons brain is more of a relief now. We will have to see what happens at the next MRI. Having to think about brain surgery, on your son is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone! 🙂
    Thanks for all the well wishes from those on FB and this blog! 🙂

    Comment by magnuminsp | August 24, 2012 | Reply

  3. Around this time, the pacer with the “2:45” time pinned to her back ran by, and then just kept running further, and further away. Even though you are never supposed to have a goal pace for my first one 2:40-2:45 was my goal pace. And, we were on track to get there at the 10K split, but then miles 7-11 happened. Not good.

    Comment by las artes | September 19, 2012 | Reply

  4. […] have to run that program, run/walk interval, and Winamp. Also, I seem to have fully healed from the broken foot in August and needed no medication of any kind, including Advil, to […]

    Pingback by Physical Therapy and back to training! « Eric Van De Vens Blog | January 10, 2013 | Reply

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