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It’s the shoes!!!!!!

Last week was very busy, and so is the upcoming week, so here is a quick update!

Tuesday: Distance: 2.21 miles Time: 25:21 Pace:11:32

Thursday: Disaster!!!

I ordered new shoes, some K-Swiss 100 running shoes which, are not for me! I made it about 200 feet and my right calf and shin cramped up to the point I could barely walk! I came home and swapped out those shoes for my Saucanys. Still cramped up and the run was aborted. Came home and took a “Soma” and rested. The next morning, the pain went away. Whew!!! This was a serious scare!

On to Saturday. The wife looked at her shoes last week and they were pretty well-worn, which is why I ordered the K-Swiss shoes for me. They came with her order of new Asics. After the disaster Thursday, I decided to look at my shoes and compare them to the new set I have sitting here in the box. Here is the picture:

As you can see, these shoes are completely worn out!! The good news is that they are worn out all around the outside edges and go towards the middle of the shoe. From what I have read, this means that I have the right shoe as this is a pattern of a neutral runner.

On to Saturdays run, which was a light run of three miles.

Distance: 3.03 miles   Time: 33:55    Pace:11:12   Miracle mile: 10:58!!!!!! That was mile 2. Mile 1 and 3 were, 11:05 and 11:16 respectfully. The best part of this run was no pain at all!!! No shin or calf pain which after Thursday, was a big surprise. I will have a post next week about the importance of the proper shoes!!

This morning was my first round back playing golf and the score reflects that. I won’t post it, but at least the back was better than the front nine!

I have four inspections scheduled for next week already and am going to take Wednesday off to work out some kinks in my golf game. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be a return to the gym starting with a mile run on the treadmill each day followed by chest,arm, back and shoulder workouts. Tuesday and Thursday will be three-mile running days and next Saturday is the next big hurdle, 8 miles!!

Today will be spent resting and swimming in the pool!

Everyone else, have a great rest of the weekend!


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