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Saturday run results!

After Thursdays run, I was very confidant that I would be able to meet my goal of getting into the 11 minute mile category for long runs. I came close!

My plan was to run around 4:30, when hopefully, it got a little cooler. Unfortunately, it was actually hotter. The temperature was 91 degrees and the heat index said it was 96 degrees! No problem as being a native Floridian, I am used to the heat!

For a meal, left-over roast beef should have been enough. I planned to eat around 1:30 to give myself some time to digest the meal. Unfortunately, we had guests over and I didn’t get to eat until 3:00. I took Advil which seems to eliminate the pain in my knees and right shin at 3:30. By 4:30, I felt a little full, but forged on anyway.

My first mile was my typical first mile and looking at the records, seems to be my fastest, more particularly, the second half a mile. Half way through the second mile, I began to have problems breathing and entering mile three, threw up! It would appear that the roast beef didn’t have time to fully digest! I managed to plod on and as you can see by the numbers, got progressively slower. I was dizzy, tired, overheated, and decided, it would be wise to call it a run after 4 miles and live to run another day. That day came about an hour and a half later!

After the wife finished her six miles, good job honey!!, I decided to give it another try. I ran for 3.8 miles giving me a total of 7.8 for the day. The average pace was 11:40 and combined with the first run, as bad as it was, still netted a total pace of 12:16 minute mile.

Day Distance Time Pace Average speed
Saturday 0.5 0:05:20   5.60
  1 0:05:27   5.50
1.5 0:05:41 5.30
2 0:06:22 4.70
2.5 0:07:12 4.20
3 0:06:31 4.60
3.5 0:06:53 4.40
4 0:07:59 3.70
0.5 0:05:48 5.20
1 0:05:16   5.70
1.5 0:05:29 5.50
2 0:05:17 5.70
2.5 0:06:08 4.90
3 0:05:56 5.00
3.5 0:06:18 4.80
0.3 0:04:07 4.40
Totals: 7.8 1:35:44 0:12:16 4.95

Sunday morning, there is pain in my left heel as well as my right shin, but, it is nothing serous.

Tuesday and Thursday next week will be afternoon runs and starting next week, all of our big Saturday runs will be done at night, simulating the race conditions (cooler)! The goals for Tuesday and Thursday are to break the 10 minute barrier and finish 3 miles in a half an hour or less. The Saturday runs will have to be better paced and speaking of pacing, I set the Run/Walk Interval for 2 1/2 minutes running and 1 minute walking for the first run Saturday. That was a mistake! I have reset it to 1 1/2 minutes running and 1 minute walking and will just run a few extra “walk” intervals when I feel like it.

Today will be spent resting and on a good note, as far as weight loss goes, I haven’t gained my normal five pounds over the weekend! Perhaps I can turn the corner and actually start losing this excess 20 pounds I need to get rid of!

Everyone have a great Sunday!!


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