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Saturday….Pre-race setup

Today, I will run seven miles! But first, Thursdays run! ūüėČ

Tower of Terror training
Day Distance Time Pace Average speed
Thursday 0.5 0:05:42 5.30
1 0:04:43 6.30
1.5 0:05:30 5.40
2 0:05:40 5.30
2.5 0:06:04 4.90
3 0:05:25 5.50
3.08 0:01:00 4.60
Totals: 3.08 0:34:04 0:11:04 5.33

This was by far, my best run to date! I ran in the afternoon¬†after¬†doing an inspection. I also ate a few strips of left over London Broil about two hours before I ran and took 4 Advil about an hour before I ran. I have also changed the running/walking intervals. I ran most of the first mile and only walked three times. The 4:43 pace for the second half of the first mile was all running. That translates to an under 10 minute mile pace! I don’t know how long I would be able to do that, but, I am willing to try!

The reason I decided to try to run more and walk less, is that when I walk, my calves start to tighten up, I feel the pain in my shins, and a host of other pains are present. This run was pain-free, for the most part. After the run, later in the evening, my right shin hurt but by Friday morning, all was well. My speed is up also.  I am trying to get to six miles per hour which is a 10 minute mile pace, for the shorter runs.

The goal for¬†today’s¬†run is to do 7 miles, maybe more if I feel¬†frisky, and to do it at a 12 minute mile pace or less. I am gearing up for a 10K race sometime next month that will qualify me for the Tower of Terror corral placement. Then that race will qualify me for the Wine and Dine race. The pre-race meal will be some left over roast. I am going to try to run around 5:00 and hopefully, it will start to cool off around the half-way point. There are no effects of any gluten as last nights meal was 100% gluten-free. It took nearly a week to recover from last Fridays gluten incident!

On to the weight loss! I have managed to lose a little excess weight and am lurking around 228 pounds. I am now trying to lose 20 pounds prior to the Tower of Terror race. I will be working out with lighter weights and more repetitions at the gym, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and then, running Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.

Looking at the calorie counter, it appears as though I am not eating enough! That is an easy fix! ūüôā

There will be an update later on tonight with the results of the run today so stay tuned for that!!


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