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Tuesday….bring on the pain!

The run today was a culmination of issues that started last Friday.

Last Friday instead of going to the “chicken nugget restaurant”, we ordered in from our favorite Italian restaurant. Everything was as usual, tremendous and I decided to sneak a taste of the wifes chicken, broccoli, and pasta. Forgetting that the chicken was breaded!  Sure enough, the gluten fairy visited and the bloat began almost immediately. As a result, Saturdays run, fortunately a short one, was cut short as I couldn’t breath.

The numbers: Distance: 2.20 miles. Pace: 12:00 min/mile. Time:26:25.

The numbers were pretty good except, that for the first time, I just couldn’t make three miles. I am right now on the 12 minute mile pace that I want to run at the races and I am expecting that by the time the races arrive, I should be able to improve.

Sunday was a day spent on yard work, both ours and the neighbors as his tree and associated attached vines were now attacking our screen enclosure. It was finally time to take a dip in the pool where I remarked that I needed to get back into the gym as I seem to be losing strength and both shoulders hurt, for no apparent reason. The wife said, yes, that might help.

So….back to the gym on Monday!!

Here is a light workout:

EXERCISES Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Strength Training
Seated Biceps Curl 3 10 90
Standard Bench Press 3 10 155
Bench (Chest) Press, Machine 3 10 100
Standing Biceps Curl, Dumbell 3 10 20
Triceps Extension 3 10 40
Triceps Pull-down 3 10 80
TOTALS: 0 0 18 60 485

Looking at the last workout and this one, considerable strength has been lost! This was a light workout and today, I am just a little sore. Next week returns to the full workouts!


And now, finally, the run today!

I put off running today as long as I felt I could. I woke up with pain in my left knee as well as my right shin..and I haven’t done anything! I decided to run and see what happens. The run started off full of pain and for the first time, my legs felt like they were made of stone. I never did get any rhythm going until the very end and the pain in my right shin was so severe, that I came home and had to resort to taking a Vicodin to quell the pain. My quadriceps were tight and very sore. During the run, the lingering effects of the gluten could be felt as I had difficulty breathing. I just said F–it and ran anyway.

Here are the numbers:

Tower of Terror training
Day Distance Time Pace Average speed
Tuesday 0.5 0:06:37 4.50
1 0:05:48 5.20
1.5 0:06:10 4.90
2 0:05:56 5.00
2.5 0:06:32 4.60
3 0:06:08 4.90
3.07 0:01:11 3.80
Totals: 3.07 0:38:22 0:12:30 4.70

Considering everything that went wrong, still a good run.

Thursday will be another 3 miles and then Saturday is a 7 mile run.

As I sit here typing, all of the pain is gone so whatever I did to my shin, must not have been too bad. I am just slightly sore from the weight workout so tomorrow will be shoulder and back day at the gym.

That is all………………………for now!!


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