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Thursday….Race day!!

Today is the big test. It will simulate an actual race. Actually, it is worse than an actual race!!

Things started off with me having to do an inspection today, so, I didn’t get to do a morning run which would simulate the night-time run in September. After the inspection, I made some tuna-fish for lunch and typed up the inspection report. I was hoping for a 4:00 run, but that didn’t happen. A 5:00 run did.

The temperature was a balmy 92 degrees, no wind, and since it rained most of the morning, the usual 150% humidity!

I got into my running gear and headed out. The first thing that was done was to change the warm-up on Run/Walk Interval from 3 minutes to 20 seconds to coincide with Cardio trainer. Next, one of the followers of this blog had a post yesterday about running and positions. One of the suggestions was to run looking at the horizon and not the ground. Another suggestion was to lean forward so you are “running downhill”. I implemented those two suggestions today.

And now, the results!

Day Distance (miles) Time Pace Average speed
Thursday 0.5 0:05:57 5.00
1 0:04:58 6.00
1.5 0:05:15 5.70
2 0:05:29 5.50
2.5 0:06:20 4.70
3 0:05:33 5.40
3.04 0:00:33 5.30
Totals: 3.04 0:34:05 0:11:13 5.37

There you have it! A personal best and it appears as though eliminating the warm up not only helped the pace and time, but also eliminated the pain. This was a pain-free run and except for a few moments where I thought the birds were going to get a special lunch of “tuna surprise”, everything went as well as could be hoped for. The only issue, besides the heat, humidity,and near vomiting, was the nats! I may have gained a few pounds as I suspect I consumed around a thousand of them.

Saturday will be a morning run and I am going to play around with the Run/Walk Intervals in order to get more running and less walking. My walking pace is around 19 minutes a mile and seems to tighten me up.  I would really like to get into the 10 minute mile range. Next Saturdays run will be seven miles and I will have to see what pace I can maintain for that. I wasn’t really tired and after working for a day then running, I am quite surprised that I am not exhausted.

Since I have no work tomorrow, I think I will wander into the gym for a light chest and arm workout! Then, maybe a round of golf in the afternoon!


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  1. Gnats… Mmmmm, protein!

    Comment by bgddyjim | July 13, 2012 | Reply

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