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Tuesdays gone with the wind……

The run today, for the first time in a long time, was uneventful! I actually pushed myself for one of the miles in anticipation of Saturdays “miracle mile” during that three-mile run.

The phone app issues have all be resolved as well as the headphones selection. The new headphones are Sony, behind the ear and they never came out. The buds themselves are smaller and fit better in my ears. They were $9.95 at Walgreens!

The apps used were, MapMyRun for the updates, Run/Walk Interval for the coaching, and Google Play for the music. As a backup, I had Cardio Trainer running as well as Sport Tracker. and now, the numbers!

Today is supposed to be a 30 minute run, however, I have decided that distance is more important. It seems that after Saturdays six-mile run, everything is a lot easier this week.

Here are the numbers:

Lap time        Total time           distance (miles)           Speed

7:10                   7:10                       .50                                   4.2

5:18                   12:28                     1.00                                 5.7

5:19                    17:48                    1.5                                    5.6

6:08                   23:57                    2.00                                4.9

6:04                   30:01                    2.5                                   4.9

6:38                    36:40                    3.00                                4.5

1:09                     37:49                   3.06                                 3.1

37:52                 37:52                 3.06                                4.8             and the average pace was 12:22 minutes a mile.

There was slight pain after the run in my right shin, but it has already subsided.

Thursdays run will be a simulation of race day. No warm-up will be counted and it will be a straight run. The goal is 3 miles in under 12 minutes a mile.


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