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Saturday…let’s run!

Today was week six of the Jeff Galloway training program. But first, last night.

Wrapping up the holiday week, we decided to go to Carrabbas for dinner last night.  I got my usual batch of mussels and dig in. After two bites, something didn’t taste right. Of course, I asked the wife to “taste this”! 🙂  She said it seemed OK, so..I ate the whole portion. After eating the chicken trio and a little dessert, my stomach started to feel a little strange. By the time I got home, I had cramps and that was followed by several trips to the bathroom where I am suspecting the mussels were deposited back into the water!

I woke up two more times and then, apparently, Marshall ate something that didn’t agree with him as a few times during the night, I heard him screaming and when I go to see what is wrong, he is back asleep. Mommy…never woke up!

As today was going to be a big run, six miles, which is probably the longest distance I have ever ran since I was in high school, I knew I more than likely had exhausted (pun intended) my fuel sources. I was either going to eat something for breakfast and hope it was enough and that I wouldn’t throw up during the run, or, plan B. Plan B is one serving of No Xplode. I chose plan B. 20 minutes later, I was back in the bathroom for a solid waste session and was cleared to run.

Before I get into the run, for others who use their cell phones for training, I have, finally, gotten all of the apps straightened out. Here they are for an Android phone. I have the Atrix 2 and it is still running gingerbread as the operating system.

Google Play Music This is the only music player that is compatible with all of the apps used. Download it, install it and it automatically imports all of your songs and play lists. You have to go to the little, and I mean little headphone set at the top of the app to get to the page that has the play lists, but once there, you are set. The only issue with this as well as every music player I have tried, is if you unplug the headphones, it shuts off.

MapMyRun This is what you will use to map your run as well as get updates during the run for pace, distance, etc. After you set up your account, you can adjust all of those settings. I did it at my desk and tried them just letting the program run to get everything correct. I have mine set for 3 minutes for the updates which are total distance and time, and average pace.

Endomondo You will use this as your backup tracker and, you can download the run in a gpx file, which you can then import into other trackers you may have (see below). After setting up your account, go to the settings, then audio settings, and shut off the audio coach and pep talk. You can also do this from the main screen by hitting the speaker (mute) button. In the workout settings, change the countdown to 20 seconds and shut off the auto pause and low power mode.

Sports Tracker This is another good tracker. After setting up the account, go to the settings and shut off the “voice feedback” setting.

Run/Walk Interval This is a simple trainer. Download it and install it. The you can set your warm up, run time and walk time. That is it.

Now, the fun part..using these apps!

First go to Play Music and select your play list. Mine is running list. Go to the first song and select it. Click the home button on your phone and the player will run in the background.  Next, go to Endomondo and click on the “20 second countdown” button. Press the home button on your phone and Endomondo will run in the background. Go to Sports Tracker and press start a new workout, then the next screen should already be set to running, press continue, then on the next screen, press start. Press the home button and Sports Tracker will run in the background. Go to Map My Run. Click on record and the next screen, the green arrow. Press the home button on your phone and Map My Run will run in the background. Finally, go to Run/Walk Interval. Press start and start running/walking or whatever you do first.

Now, the three you actually need are Play Music, Map My run, and Run/Walk Interval, in that order. You can use the other apps as they give you more details like the mile split, Sports Tracker gives you 1/2 mile splits and Endomondo gives you mile splits as well as a GPX file that works. Sports Tracker also gives you a GPX file that you can import into the other apps online. Again, practice using these at your desk to see which apps you want to run. As for battery usage, my phone only uses 10% on almost every run no matter which apps are running. One other thing, turn your GPS on first. When the apps run, and this is why you will want to use the ones I suggested, when it is time for your cue to run or walk in Run/Walk Interval, the music cuts out so you can hear the cue. When the distance, pace or whatever you have chosen in Map My Run is announced, the music cuts out again so you can hear all of them.

The problem with Cardio Trainer, is it doesn’t play well with Run/Walk Interval and you miss your run/walk cues. It is the same problem with the other tracking apps, that have integrated music player features, which is why, you have to use a stand alone music player.

So, after all that, time for the run.

I was concerned about numerous things with regards to the run today. Being as it is the farthest I have attempted to run in a very long time, the results were much better than I thought. 🙂

Distance: 6.19mi, time: 01:17:34, pace: 12:31 min/mi, speed: 4.79mi/hr.

And, here is the breakdown starting with the first mile, which includes a three-minute walking warmup.

Mile one:13:43 The usual suspects were present, pain in the left side of my left foot, pain in my right shin.

Mile two: 12:23 The pain subsided in my foot as well as my shin, so it looks like we are on our way……

Mile three: 12:52 I had to take a little break during a couple of the walk portions just to “shake out” some minor cramping in my calves.

Mile four: 14:22 I had to take a longer break, I just walked for three minutes straight as my right hip began to hurt. 😦

Mile five: 12:48 I am questioning this reading!

Mile six: 11:22 See above post!

For whatever reason, Endomondo shorted my distance and messed up my pace. Map My Run actually had the accurate mileage and average pace as it gives you the ongoing pace during the run. I will try Sports Tracker during next Tuesdays run and see if that is more accurate. I know the distance as I have run it several times and also tracked it on the stand alone gps I have.

When I got home, I immediately jumped in the pool, had a Gatorade G2 and a Boost, and then iced down my shin and ankle. The rest of the weekend will be spent resting and enjoying having the wife and son back!


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