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Thursday already?!!

I did manage to survive yet another 4th of July party! I was in charge of certain food items, the pictured below, smoked/grilled chicken…eight, quartered chickens in all!

After a little recovery time this morning, it was time to run. I decided to take it a little easy and I was testing out yet another new app! This app, Map My Run, seems to be just about as good as it gets, with a little issue or two. First issue, is the export feature, which is sketchy at best. The second would be lack of a trainer. Fortunately, the Google media player is the only one that will allow Map My run and Run/Walk interval to work properly with each other. The sound is muted for updates on Map My Run and Run/Walk! I can mute Endomondo and then, use that export feature to send the results elsewhere. Map My Run is also unique in that it gives your pace in 3 minute updates, or you can adjust that time as well as the updates, but, it gives you your true pace. I started out a 19 minutes a mile as I was walking and by the end of the run, the pace was down to 13:00 minutes a mile.


The numbers were: Distance: 2.04 miles. Time: 27:24. Average pace 13:00. Average speed 4.33 mph.

Saturday will be six miles,skipping the 3 mile run that was scheduled and bumping it up a week to catch up to the running program.

There is still slight pain in the right shin, but I would be willing to bet that it will go away overnight.

I hope everyone had a Happy and safe Fourth of July!!


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