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With three months to go, half way there!

Ah, Sunday, a day of rest! Not quite!

Today is being spent mowing the yard, doing laundry, cleaning the house and recovering from yesterdays run. All of the “chores” are done, so now, on to the recovery! But first………………………………………yesterdays run. 😉

Using the Jeff Galloway running plan, yesterday was a five-mile run. Actually, I am a week behind due to two weeks off, so this was the longest run to date. Next Saturday will be six miles.

I purchased Endomondo Pro and set up my own training interval program. Five minutes warm-up, then start running, except I started with “low intensity” (walking) first. The first mile was completed in 14:34. This includes 6 minutes in the beginning of walking. Mile one was uneventful, which is to say, there was no pain.

Mile two was completed in 13:04 and some familiar foes were returning. The slight cramping up of my right calf and the pain in my right shin to be more specific. I stretched and even stopped for a few seconds during this portion of the run.

Mile three was completed in 13:33 and after experimenting with different foot placements, the shin and calf pain went away! 🙂 Unfortunately, my left foot fell asleep!

Mile four was completed in 13:32 and aside from the sleeping foot, was pain-free. I did stop to loosen up my left shoelace and that seemed to help. By mile five, my foot was awake again!

Mile five was completed in 13:11 and there was no pain with the exception of a slight irritation in my right hip. As I was expecting to finish in one hour, which would have been a 12:00 minute pace, I didn’t have enough interval reminders and had to do the last 1/4 mile and the “extra” .33 of a mile with no coaching. I actually just ran the final .33 of a mile without stopping as I was always taught to finish with a sprint.

I got back to the house and the totals were: Distance: 5.33 miles. Time: 1:12:19. Average Pace: 13:34 Max speed: 8:17.

As far as endurance goes, I could easily have done a few more miles, possibly 10, but I don’t want to rush things.

Today, there is slight pain in my calves and that is it. I am quite surprised that my left knee has no pain. In fact, I would have to say that running is actually helping it.

There are a few glitches with the software. The Endomondo Pro does not give you ongoing readings, which Cardio Trainer does. I have figured out a way to use both programs. I set the Cardio Trainer with a five-minute delay and start it. I then start Endomondo. Endomondo will record the entire run including the warm up and also insert the “high intensity (run)” command as well as the “low intensity (walk)” commands. Cardio Trainer will record the run minus the warm-up and setting the alerts to 2 minutes allows them to be inserted after each running segment. I have been trying to contact Endomondo to see if they can implement this feature into their app.

The fuel belt is working out better than expected. I used all of the four bottles of water, mostly on my head to keep cool. I then swish some water in my mouth and swallow a small amount. This has worked very well and no bloating was present. After the run, a chocolate Boost and a little Gatorade G2 green flavor, and I felt fully refreshed.

This week will be two days of  a half hour run each day and six miles on Saturday. Now that the app issues seem to be resolved and I can figure out how to run almost pain-free, I suspect the low 12s or high 11s for pace during the week and mid 12s for Saturdays run.

Monday also marks the return to the gym for strength workouts. These workouts will be high intensity and lighter weight. I am hoping that now that I can concentrate on the running, more weight loss will follow. I am still lurking at the 225 pound range and I really want to get near 210 pounds or less by the time the Tower of Terror race takes place.

I hope everyone has a great week!! 🙂


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  1. Pain is a funny thing. Run too fast and I hurt the next day from the effort – run too slow and I hurt 20 minutes after I’m done. The rub there is the weight. Once that comes down, the shins will straighten up. Good luck!

    Comment by bgddyjim | July 1, 2012 | Reply

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