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Finally, back to the blog…..

It has been quite a while since my last post and I apologize to the many followers!

For my job, the way I make money, I inspect homes. I go through a home and find everything wrong I can. As if that isn’t bad enough, I then compile the reports and pictures to create a report that give the client a true picture of the property they may or in some instances, may not buy. Here is an example of the finished product: Magnum Report Sample

I try to present the highest quality product I can and that takes time. There are also other aspects of the job that interfere with my running adventures. At 51, almost 52 years old, it isn’t as easy to crawl to the ends of an attic to get pictures for certain types of reports or deficiencies as it was 20 years ago! On several occasions recently, I have hurt myself, actually, just some strains here and there, but still detract from the effort of training.

And now, finally, on to the training!

Using the Jeff Galloway method of training, I have managed to get very close to my goal of a 12 minute mile pace for the Tower of Terror and Wine and Dine races.

Starting with two weeks ago, here are the results:

Tower of Terror training
Date Distance Time Pace Average speed
May 22, 2012 2.3 28 12:25
May 24, 2012 2.2 31 14:05
May 26, 2012 3 39 12:56
May 29, 2012 1.8 27 14:47
June 16, 2012 3.2 42 13:04
June 19, 2012 3 37 12:21
June 21, 2012 2.5 30 12:27 4.9
June 23, 2012 1.9 25 12:58 4.7
June 26, 2012 1.92 30:38 11:57 5
June 28, 2012 2.5 31:35 12:35 4.8

As you can see, there was a break from May 29, to June 16. That was due to a nagging shin splint that has developed on my right leg. It is still present, but ice, stretching, massages, etc. are keeping it under control. Last Saturday was supposed to be a 5 mile run however, a combination of ear buds that don’t fit, driving rain, and gluten poisoning the night before, contributed to an aborted run.

The ear bud issue has been solved by switching to JVC  “over the ear” ear buds that have hooks on them. So far, three runs and no problems. The ear buds I had do not even fit in one ear due to a cauliflowered ear from high school wrestling. These provide adequate sound and don’t fall out.

Software update. I have been using a bunch of different phone apps to track my runs.

Cardio trainer. This is a great app however, it doesn’t tell you when to run and when to walk. The other issue is that when the music is playing, it doesn’t cut out the sound and a lot of times you can’t hear your pace.

To solve the pacing issue, Run/Walk intervall was installed. This is a great little app just to keep pace. Unfortunately, even though you can change the words for running and walking, it still isn’t able to be heard in some instances above the music integrated with cardio trainer. To solve that, I shut off the music option on cardio trainer and just used my music player. Now I can hear the run/walk cues, but, not my pace.

Endomondo. today, as luck would have it, you can get the pro version for $1.00! So I did. In the pro version, you can make your own running programs and intervals and they cut into the music to tell you when to run and walk (high,medium,low intensity). I am waiting to see if it will give you your lap and pace information while running. This could be the best of the bunch if it does everything. It also posts to Facebook and their servers with the route map and you can save your routes.

In other news, the wife and I got Fuel Belt water belts after experimenting with my barbecue sauce/tool belt first. We also got phone holders from Walgreens that either clip onto the belt or you can run the belt through it. And finally, my knee brace, which was a pain to wear and may have been the cause of the pain in my right hip, has been discarded. 🙂

This Saturday will be the second attempt to run 5 miles. Three miles is a breeze and if I didn’t get “glutenized” last week, I would have easily made five miles at the 12 minute pace I am trying to maintain.

The coming weeks will be filled with hard training during the week, 11 minute pace if possible, and then on Saturdays, the long runs at a 12 minute pace until I get closer to the actual race. Maybe I will go a little faster at the race! It will also be time to return to the gym for a little strength training and to hopefully, get rid of this nagging right shoulder pain that developed last week after a particularly hard attic inspection!

All supplements have been discontinued as well. I will add some more to the upcoming posts with regards to diet and weight loss. Speaking of which, the weight is lurking around the 222-225 pound range. It would appear as one ages, it is much more difficult to lose any weight, much less 20 pounds!

Stay tuned!


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