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A week later………………..

This week was filled with work! That is good as one can always use some extra money!

The training has been put on hold as I am giving my right calf ample time to heal. It seems better and I will resume training next Tuesday. This is also the time for the two-week break from all supplements which allows them to clear the system. After a period of time, using the NoXplod, the dosage has to be increased in order to get any benefits. Once you get to a certain point, you are amped up all day!

In other news, last weeks round of golf was good and bad. The score, bad, several of the shots and the new swing, good! After a trip to the Father-in-laws a couple of weeks ago, he pointed out a swing flaw and I have been trying to correct it. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. Having a bad knee and elbow, on the left side of my body, is not good for a right-handed golfer. In order to swing the club so that nothing hurts, adjustments have to be made which results in an inconsistent swing path. This is not a good thing! Fortunately, it seems we have found a way around all of this be combining three different swings to create one good one!  The last eight holes of last weeks round I was 6 over par and considering it was the first time I have played this course, that was encouraging. A trip to the range after the round produced some positive results. I am going to the range today to do some work and hopefully, this Sundays round will produce the results I am capable of.

I am also at the end of this death-cold I contracted from the home I inspected two weeks ago! The phlegm-fest is nearly over and I can actually breathe again!

The weight is down to 225 pounds and now that I will be training specifically for the Tower of Terror run, the weight should start to come off rather quickly. I may make my goal weight of 200 pounds by October for the Disney Wine and Dine race! I also have the annual golf tournament in August so the coming months will be filled with activity.

It is also time to make a few repairs on the boat so it will be ready for mini lobster season. I am hoping to be able to keep it on a friends lift near the Hillsborough inlet and we will be able to dash out in 15 minutes, get our limit, and dash back in! All of the dive gear has been cleaned and gone through and is ready. I still have to get the tanks vip’ed but all of that will be done next week.

The next blog entry should be Monday…….

Have a great weekend!!


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