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Sunday—The week in review.

Here it is Sunday morning, and I have completed the first week of the Jeff Galloway Tower of Terror training program. Considering the obstacles in my way, I did pretty good.

The goal is to finish this 10 mile race in under 2 hours. As this is my first running event, in my life, I wanted to set realistic goals.

Below are this weeks numbers:

Tuesday May 22, 2012

Goal: Run for 1/2 hour


Time: 28 minutes

Distance: 2.3 miles

Pace: 12:25

This run was plagued by a lot of spitting as the day before, I inspected a home and evidently, caught some sort of death disease! My legs felt fine, it was I just couldn’t breathe. I ran around 1:00 pm.. which probably wasn’t the best move on my part.

Thursday May 24, 2012

Goal: Run for 1/2 hour


Time: 31 minutes

Distance: 2.2 miles

Pace: 14:05

I had to do an inspection in the morning, type the report and attend to some business matters. This resulted in a 4:30 in the afternoon run. Completely out of energy, I managed to make it for slightly over 1/2 hour, but at a slower pace. The good news was that the splits showed my second mile was faster than my first. Still feeling the effects of the death disease!

Saturday May 26, 2012

Goal: Run 3 miles


Time: 39 minutes

Distance: 3 miles

Pace: 12:56

The actual distance was 3.3 miles, but, first, the gps was screwed up on the phone and kept shutting off the run and I also decided to try a little experiment. I purchased a set of Sauconys in size 11 in order to add the inserts I got to help cushion the run. The inserts caused more stress on my calves as well as my shins. I took those shoes off and put my trusty 10.5 Sauconys on and then made the run. The actual pace is 12:35 but once again, I am hampered by this death disease. Still can’t breathe!

It is the first week, and I am actually starting the training program a week early because in August, I have a golf outing that will take an entire week out of my training. I am happy with most of the results and know I have “more in the tank” and should be able to get under the 2 hour mark for the race.

A few notes about shoes…they do make a big difference! My Sauconys have a step down in them towards the front of the foot which seems to take all of the pressure off of my calves.  They are starting to break in and I can now tighten up the laces a little. I also sent back the size 11 shoes and ordered a spare pair of 10.5 shoes. Only 2 pairs left! These are the only shoes Saucony makes in size EEE so next year, I may be in trouble!

I also have settled on a set of everyday shoes. The Sketchers are soooooo comfortable it is like slipping your foot  into a cloud! Of course, this is the only shoe that Sketchers makes in size EEE so I guess I’ll have to get a back up pair of these as well! I did run for 5 minutes on the treadmill on Friday in these shoes and I didn’t experience any pain, so, they may be an alternative. I am also taking 2 Advil a day for the constant ache in my knees. This combined with an ice-down after each run is keeping me pain free…so far. 🙂

The weight training program is going along quite well. Separating the days has really helped and I am making some minor strength gains and also get a good “pump” going during each workout. The schedule is Monday, Chest and Arms heavy, Wednesday, Back and Shoulders  heavy, Friday, an overall workout for all body parts, including legs of one set each, two exercises for each muscle worked during the week. Friday is the most important workout of all as it takes out all of the soreness from the previous workouts and by Saturday morning, no pain is present.

The rest of today will be spent cleaning the home and mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, etc….aka “Erics chores”!

Tomorrow being a holiday, I’ll still go to the gym and get the chest and arm workout in, then, a day of relaxation!

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!


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