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A Mother of a weekend!

Here it is Monday morning and the weekend is over.

We can start off with the washing machine flood incident. While doing laundry, the drain hose for the washing machine popped off and flooded the laundry room and the kitchen. I cleaned it up and felt the “squish, squish” of water under our laminate wood flooring. This product has been very durable over the last 12 years, but the one weakness is if water gets under it.

We went to Orlando this weekend so the wife could attend our nieces bridal shower and when we got back home, half of the boards are warped, cupped and damaged. There was also some slight damage to the walls in the laundry room and baseboards. I called our insurance company and we will see what happens. In the meantime, I’ll have to find some tile that matches what we have in the bathroom for the laundry room  and kitchen. Then, replace the rest of the laminate flooring in the house.

At the same time, due to Thursdays heavy rains, our phone lines went out. Seems the mouth-breather that installed everything broke the box that all the connections are in and they got all wet and corroded. I had a bunch of things to do Friday to get ready to go away, but, had to wait for the phone guy. Finally at noon, everything was put back together and I had to load up the Durango for the trip.

Finally, I can address my running…or lack of it. 😦 It appears that the Dr. Scholls experiment did more damage than I thought. My right calf still hurts and my right shin also hurts. I will be taking the week off from running, even though my new gel inserts are arriving today.

The highlight, if you can call it that, was golfing this weekend. Saturday, my Father in Law, myself and Marshall went out to play a quick 9 holes. Note to self: Never again bring young Marshall to the golf course! First off, this kid never stops talking..ever! On the 7th hole, while the FiL was trying to make a putt, Marshall walked nonchalantly in front of the ball path, and as we were playing two balls, managed to “soccer kick” the second one. We had a great laugh then, back to the house for lunch and a much-needed nap!!

On to Sunday. We again played however this time, Marshall was left home and our niece Katie came along. Katie is a phenom and at 13 hits the ball as far as we do. She had some bad holes and I think we may have ended up tied.

Which brings me to my round.

The goal today was to be consistent…and unfortunately, I was. I started off with an easy par and things went downhill from there. The greens had just be aerated and for those that don’t know what that is, Aeration of a golf green, describes the process. Not using it as an excuse, but, trying to putt between nine hundred holes doesn’t do much for one’s score. I did hit a bunch of good shots and the mighty Octane driver has returned to form. The putting, even on these greens was good as I only had one three-putt, which of course came on the second hole, a par three!

After the round, which only took three hours, we went to the range for one of Tealas Dads instructional lessons.  It appears as though I was getting “handsy” with a lot of my shots, and as a result, there were a lot of off-center hits and I had to scramble to score on every hole except the first hole. Fifteen minutes on the range and everything was going straight. Since there is no work today, I have to go to the range and continue to practice the drills…..before I forget them!

The rest of the day will be spent calling clients and the insurance company and rest. The food diary will be posted tonight as the weekends diaries were not documented. More on that tomorrow! 🙂


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