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Thursday..luck shines down on me!

The food diary from yesterday:

May 9, 2012

FOODS Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Jones All Natural Golden Brown – Breakfast Sausage Link-Fully Cooked, 3 Links 250 1g 24g 7g 45mg 380mg 0g 0g
Generic – Egg Scrambled – Large (Usda Data), 2 egg 140 1g 7g 6g 277mg 88mg 0g 0g
Nathan’s – All-Beef Hot Dog, 2 hot dog 340 2g 30g 14g 70mg 940mg 0g 0g
Whole chicken – whole chicken , 8 oz 460 0g 34g 0g 200mg 160mg 0g 0g
Ken’s Lite Options Dressing – Sweet Vidallia Onion, 2 Tbs 80 11g 5g 0g 0mg 120mg 10g 0g
Lettuce – Iceberg (includes crisphead types), raw, 1 cup shredded 10 2g 0g 1g 0mg 7mg 1g 1g
Diet Sierra Mist – Diet Soda, 12 oz 0 0g 0g 0g 0mg 35mg 0g 0g
Home – Water, 64 oz 0 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Lipton – Decaffeinated Tea Bags, 3 Tea Bag 0 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Bsn – N.O. Xplode, 1 scoop 25 6g 0g 0g 0mg 235mg 0g 0g
Centrum – Centrum Silver Supplement, 1 Tablet 5 2g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 1g 0g
Patenthealth,Llc – Trigosamine, 3 capsules 15 2g 0g 1g 0mg 100mg 0g 0g
TOTAL: 1,325 27g 100g 29g 592mg 2,065mg 12g 1

Speaking of yesterday, it appears serious injury has been avoided. After the debacle that was the treadmill workout yesterday, I really did have some concerns about how injured I was. Today, my left knee is very sore, but, I can work with it. My right leg hurts from the bottom of my calf, around to the front near the top of my ankle, up through my calf, and finally, all the way up through my quadriceps! My right calf is sore, but it isn’t the stabbing pain that I had last year.

I am guessing it is just some type of strain and will be fine by next week. In the meantime, I’ll be returning the Dr. Scholls inserts later today!  The one good thing that came out of this is that the inserts did quiet my running on the treadmill as well as relieve the pain on my bone spur. The foot doesn’t hurt at all! Since Zappos gives you free returns and shipping, I am going to try these inserts: Sorbothane. If they can provide me with some extra cushion, that can only help. I really noticed a difference when I took the Dr. Scholls inserts out. My shoes felt almost worn out!

Today is a work day and then later, I’ll be reading up on the Jeff Galloway training manuals that we have here. Training manuals

I’ll be switching to the methods described in the manuals next week as well as just running on the treadmill as a warm up for my regular workouts. I am confident that right now, I could do the 10 mile race and finish in the allotted time, but I do want to make a 10 minute per mile pace which puts me somewhere around an hour an a half finishing time goal.

Until tomorrow……………………………….   🙂


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