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The Mako Anchor Hatch project

Since I have two inspections today and had to get the “gang” out early, I’ll try to fit a workout in later on tonight.

In the meantime, I received the proper sized slats for the anchor door on the Mako. Somehow, either by a vandal or large rodent, three of the four slats got broken. The anchor door itself, cannot be replaced as it is no longer made, and, any replacement size door is either too tall or not wide enough which will require some sort of modification to the bulkhead, which sounds painful and expensive!

I decided to see if the slats could be replaced. They are fit into grooves on each side of the door as well as a center support post. I looked around on the internet and found a place, Tap Plastics, and they sent me, eventually, the correct size slats. All that was required was some light sanding with 80 grit to round off the edges and then, a few passes with 220 grit to smooth everything out.

After that, I just put them in the center support, and then snapped them into place. The center support gets screwed into the frame and two of the slats. This project actually came out perfect, except for the color. I think I will leave them like this as I like the contrast. I also have four more as well as the original order, which instead of being 1/4 of an inch thick, were 1 inch thick. I almost have enough material to do the cuddy cabin door slats…if I wanted to!

Here are the new slats prior to sanding and one of the old slats:

Here are the slats after sanding:

Here is the front side of the anchor door with the slats installed:

And, here is the back side view:

Total time, 1/2 and hour and $20.00 total cost!

And now, off to work!!


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