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As I sit here Friday morning, my entire body is in pain. Not from working out as one would guess, but from actual work. Yesterday, I had two inspections to do. The first one was an inspection on a home for a previous client and all was going well until I entered the attic. This particular attic had limited space at the access points, but, over the main portion of the home, there was plenty of room to walk around, if you could get to it!

This is where the trouble started! In order to get to this area, I had to slither between some duct work and a cut out in the roof framing/decking. This required plenty of twisting and turning…and I still ended up getting stuck! There are many things that can go wrong while meandering ones way through an attic. One of them, is getting your pants stuck on some type of framing plate. You either come out of the attic with torn pants, a gash under the tear in your pants, or, you just lay there and wait for the Calvary to come “directly”!

I slithered and twisted enough to extricate myself from this situation and only ended up with a puncture wound from a nail on my forearm. After going over my findings with the client, it was off to house number two. A wind mitigation inspection and roof certification. From the front of the house, everything looked good. Hurricane shutters that were rated, a new roof that was actually permitted, this would be easy….not!

Part of the wind mitigation inspection is to determine how the roof trusses are attached to the walls of the home. In order to do that, you have to get close enough to see it, and more importantly, get close enough to get a picture of it.

The picture above, barely, shows what is going to be classified as a “toe nail” connection on the wind mitigation form. It is a steel strap that goes into the concrete wall, and only has two nails in it. One more nail and it would be called a clip, and the homeowner wold get a discount on their insurance. To get close enough to take this picture, I had to crawl through insulation, over metal a/c duct work, and then, although I tried with my pole camera, still had to crawl to get the picture. Now, I had to crawl back! The picture below is what I had to go through to get to the spot to get the picture.

The house had a fairly new roof and the roofer thoughtfully added a ridge vent. A ridge vent is where you cut the plywood decking down the center of the roof, then, apply the vent, like this one: Ridge Vent

Unfortunately, they just added the mesh part and not the plastic,so, when they nailed the shingles down, it basically capped off the ridge vent… which would explain why it was 130 degrees in the attic! If you look at the brown roof, you can see the gap at the front of the ridge vent. That is how it was supposed to be done.

The only good news is that when I got home and weighed myself, I weighed 227 pounds! In the summer time, I usually lose 10-15 pounds, just by working. When I come out of an attic, and just to let the readers know, I am not one of those inspectors who stick their heads up in the attic and say, “everything is fine”, I actually crawl every attic, all sweaty, several customers say something to the effect of, “that looks like a great way to lose weight”! I tell them yes, it is part of my cardio workout…45 minutes in an attic equals 500 calories burned!

In any event, today I am paying the price! The plan was to go to the gym and do a chest and arms workout. That didn’t happen! When I woke up, I felt like someone had beat me up! I am assuming that it was from the two inspections yesterday, but around here, you never know what goes on at night!

Today, I have to “take a look” at a house for a relative, then take Marshall to the doctor for his “wellness” checkup, then, I may wander over to the gym for the workout. Tomorrow morning I will attempt to run five miles on the treadmill at a 12 minute pace. If I feel good, I may bump up the pace, but I am just trying to add distance right now and speed isn’t a concern.

Next week starts the running for real as the Tower of Terror race is only five months away and the Wine and Dine is a month after that.

After the workout today, I’ll post the food diary from yesterday and the exercise diary for today.

Stay tuned……………………………………


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  1. Working in the attic stinks especially when its that hot outside and up in there. You get that blown insulation all over you…nasty. Its one of those jobs you just gotta do. Anyways, have a great weekend!!!

    Comment by CultFit | May 4, 2012 | Reply

    • Usually I am able to avoid most of the insulation, but on some houses, when there is not proper ventilation, that stuff stick to you for a day or two! glad I have a pool. Thanks for the reply!

      Comment by magnuminsp | May 4, 2012 | Reply

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