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Tues…day…..afternoon……………………………..! :)

I already posted the food diary on yesterdays post, so, today,is just the workouts.

First the treadmill workout:

Workout Summary
Workout type Manual Cool down
Equipment Treadmill Elapsed time 2
Date April 28, 2012 Average speed (mph) 3
Time Maximum Speed (mph) 3
User Data Distance (miles) 0.1
Age 51 Calories 11
Weight 229 Totals
Workout Elapsed time 16.28
Elapsed time 14.28 Average heart rate 132
Average heart rate 132 Maximum heart rate 165
Maximum heart rate 165 Average speed (mph) 5.8
Average speed (mph) 6.2 Maximum Speed (mph) 8
Maximum Speed (mph) 8 Average pace (miles) 9.38
Average pace (miles) 9.38 Distance (miles) 1.6
Distance (miles) 1.5 Calories 288
Calories 277

The real excitement, although only 1.5 miles, was the pace. A 9:38 pace will translate to a very respectable showing in a 5K. I’ll have to work out the times when I start running around the neighborhood. Tomorrow will be a 2.5 mile run, Thursday will be another 1.5 and leg workout, and Friday will be, if all goes well, five miles! The goal there is to finish under an hour.

And now, on to the leg workout, which as always, gets a few stares from other members! The lovely lady who works at the gym and asked me how I liked it and what they could improve on, when I said that they need a real leg press and hack machine, she asked why? Today, she got her answer. 🙂

EXERCISES Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Stair-treadmill ergometer, general 289 16
Strength Training
Leg press single 3 10 230
reverse leg curl double 1 15 170
reverse leg curl single 3 10 90
Leg extension double 3 10 230
Leg extension single 3 10 170
Leg press double 1 15 405
TOTALS: 289 16 14 70 1,295

The numbers in red are all the weight there is on the machines, and I was just playing around with the leg press machine! 🙂 Hopefully, she got the message!

Today is going to be spent resting and getting ready for tomorrow and work. I have to inspect a relatives home tomorrow and I am sure, it will be an event! Thursday will be a light workout followed by another inspection, and hopefully an inspection in the afternoon. Friday, I have a feeling, I will need some time off!

Meanwhile, the new Asics shoes seem to fit pretty well so it looks like the shoe issues are all resolved.

One other thing…I have cracked the 230 pound barrier and the weigh in this morning was 229 pounds! Hopefully, this is the beginning of the weight loss portion of the adventure!

Time for breakfast…………………………………..and lunch!! 🙂


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