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Easter wrap up—Golf, Gluten, and Gluttony!!

Monday has arrived which means I successfully survived Easter with the in-laws!

Usually, the wife, Marshall and I go up to my wifes parents for Easter dinner and a round or two of golf.  This year, we got there a day early, so, an extra round of golf was added. It is also my sons 4th Birthday party, so, we had a full plate!

We arrived at 5:30 Thursday night and Tealas mom had some sort of beef stew cooking. As it was not ready, it was decided to go out to eat instead.

We went to a place called “Gators”, a sports bar, chicken wing establishment. We had eaten there before, so I was not worried about the food and gluten. First mistake! 😦

The waitress was training another waitress and as such, it was quite a challenge to get the orders taken! When our food arrived, I had my usual chicken wings. They were fairly good albeit, a little under-done. I should have sent them back, but I ate them anyway. After eating the top layer of wings, I could see the second layer. In between the remaining wings, were a whole bunch of bread crumb balls. Whoever cooked the wings, didn’t listen to the waitress, or, she didn’t tell them, that the wings were to be un-breaded. This means that my wings were cooked in the same basket, possibly with other wings, that were breaded. As the damage was already done, I ate the rest of the wings. As for the rest of the review of Gators, we won’t be going back, and I will leave it at that.

By the time we got home, the bloating had begun. I had been “glutenized”! I woke up Friday morning with a bloated stomach, no sleep as I couldn’t breathe, and, with a common problem with me when I travel, “On the road, bowel lock-up syndrome”! Great!!!

I got up, had my usual dose of No-Explod hoping to produce some relief. None was forthcoming.

We went to the driving range where I chipped and putted and hit a bucket of balls to loosen up before the round.  A quick trip to the putting green, where I discovered that the greens in Orlando are about ten times faster than what I play on here at home, and we were off!

I managed to shoot a 96, which had I been able to two putt half of the holes I three putted, would have been an 88!! The back nine was better than the front nine, but, a disastrous last hole ruined a three par and one birdie effort. The ugliness is posted below.

On to Friday nights dinner. The previously mentioned beef stew. It would appear as though there was flour or some other thickening agent used in the recipe and once again, the already prominent bloating had increased.

For some unknown reason, it was determined that my son would sleep in the big bed with me and not on the couch, as he said, “it was uncomfortable”! Mommy got the couch. Upon reflection, I should have selected the couch…or possibly another room in the house!

My son is an east-west sleeper and not a north-south sleeper! He is also a “Thrasher”! Being away from the cats, I wouldn’t have to be subjected to the 2:00 am tread-fest, loud meowing at all hours of the night, or the 4:00 am drag race, up and down the halls. Perhaps I should have brought the cats!

I was awakened, roughly every half an hour, by either my sons snoring or, a foot to the face! Needless to say, no sleep for Daddy. One other little issue. Tealas dad likes to smoke cigars. Unfortunately, he goes out on the back patio and the smoke wafts into the home, right up into the second story, where we were sleeping! Did I mention that he gets up at 4:00 am to start the day…….with a cigar?!

It was decided Friday, that we would play again Saturday. As I stumbled out of bed, I had to ask, “Why”?

Once again, I had my No-Explod hoping for some sort of relief. “No Bueno”!!!

I won’t get into the circus that was the act of getting to the golf course, but suffice it to say, I was not happy. I should also mention that my Father in law lives on the golf course, and is three minutes away from the clubhouse/pro shop. How we were late, is yet another unsolved mystery! No BM, no practice time, and bloated. Add to that, on the very first tee shot, I heard something “snap” in my left knee. By the end of the round, my knee was swollen and stiff. The results of this round were predictable. Fortunately, a few putting tips from the Father in law, at the end of yesterdays round, and my usual stellar putting stroke had returned. Unfortunately, my trusty Driver and woods had apparently taken the day off. The result was one of my worst rounds ever. It is posted below. The only good news to come from this round is that no equipment got broken.

Mercifully, we returned home to finish off the shrimp that we had for lunch the day before.

We had grilled pork loin for dinner and as things had gone so poorly, a beer, two glasses of wine, and mashed potatoes. The diet has gone, temporarily, out the window! The good news, is that I finally was able to have a successful BM! 🙂

Sunday morning arrived after another sleepless night, and it was time to prepare for Easter dinner. We had ham and “Uncle Jimmy” made a fried turkey. There was some question as to whether or not the turkey would survive the cooking process and also, the real threat of destruction to Uncle Jimmys home. Fortunately, ole Jimmy paid attention to the directions and the turkey came out perfectly. Surprising everyone…on numerous fronts! 🙂 Just kidding Jimmy…I knew you could do it! 🙂

Sunday night was a thankfully, uneventful ride home and a return to the comfort of our cloud-like bed! It was also the return of the cats! They were very happy to see us, especially Samantha. She curled up next to me and slept about three inches away from my face..purring loudly all through the night!

Monday morning was the weigh-in. 236.5 pounds, which wasn’t as bad as I expected. I have already “eliminated” three times today, and by tomorrow, I should be back on pace to get below 230 pounds by the end of this week. I have work today and will attend Marshalls birthday party at school, so today is a full day. Tomorrow is as well.

I will resume the training on Wednesday as by then, my knee should be well enough to run on.

The food and exercise diaries are not posted as they are just to painful to look at.

The Readers Digest version, over 8,000 calories in three days, gluten, and carbs out the wazoo!

Although things could have gone better, everyone had a great time! I hope everyone else had a fantastic Easter!


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