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The Ducane 4400 and the Weber Q-200 get some new parts!

After two years of ownership, I am quite happy with the Ducane 4400 grill. As it appears the fire-box has some rust on it, I may have to address that at a later date. The cause of the rust is pictured below.

I finally found a place on the web, All Parts Grills,  that had the stainless steel versions of the stock porcelain flame tamers or “flavorizer bars” as Weber calls them. I knew these wouldn’t last since the first day I fired up the grill! While I was at it, I decided to clean out the inner box of the grill with a scraper and then just hose everything out. Now that that is done, time for the new parts.

If you look closely, you can see the rust under the far right flame tamer. Now that the rusty ones are gone, hopefully I can get a few more years out of the box. It is under warranty for five years, so, I have some time.

Meanwhile, the tried and true Weber Q, also needed a little service. The drip pan was all pitted when I got it and some pin holes developed in it. I decided, for 15 bucks, I might as well replace it and get some new tin liners.

Here is the new drip pan and liners.

I always like it where there are new shiny parts around! Now the grills should be good for another 2-3 years before I have to do anything major.


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  1. Do you happen to have the part numbers for the items you purchased? I can’t find these listed on the All Parts Grills website.

    Comment by Andrew | June 19, 2012 | Reply

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