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5K? That was easy!!

Today was the big test. Last year, I limped through this event, and this year……….was just the opposite!

This morning we all got up, had a light breakfast and headed down to the heart run. All was going well until, we got to the entrance. Upon arrival, it appears as though every runner/walker/student in the world has converged on the Nova campus! It took  20 minutes to drive from Coconut Creek to Davie……….and 40minutes to go 1/2 mile! Last year, people were routed either straight about 1/4 mile to a parking structure near the start of the race or, a quick right into another parking structure. Apparently this year, the powers that be decided to just funnel 5,000 cars into one garage!

We ended up parking on the third floor of a parking garage and then, down the stairs and a bout 1/4 mile to the starting line. We arrived just in time for the National Anthem and a minute later, we were off!

We started at 9:06 and finished at 9:56 which if my math is correct is about 50 minutes total time or roughly, a 16 minute mile pace!

The run started off very easy and at a slow pace, until we made the first turn, then, things kind of opened up and Teala, Marshall and I walked/jogged for the remainder of the race. After a mile and a half, Marshall said he was tired, so, up on my shoulders he went. For the last mile and a half, I carried him on my shoulders and finished the event.

The new shoes worked perfectly. I had no cramping, pain or anything else remotely resembling pain. It would appear as though the Saucanys are here to stay!

Afterwords, there was the walk back to the car and Marshall got his second wind! So, he and I ran up the parking ramp to where the Durango was. After that, we went to a friends child’s birthday party, Happy Birthday Sydney!, and back home.

There is no pain, soreness or anything else.

Tomorrow morning I make my triumphant return to “Sunday Morning golf”, and then, a day of relaxation.

The weight today when I got home was 234 pounds as it was when I left. I must be retaining water!

The meal chart for today will be posted tomorrow and Monday will be a return to the gym where the treadmill and bicycle will get bumped up to 20 minutes each.

I will begin the real training for the Disney Half in April when the workouts will be longer and more cardiovascular driven.

For those that are following, I appreciate it and I hope you enjoy this!


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