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Midday update

After mowing the lawn, I decided to take a bath. Perhaps, I should go backwards a little bit.

I have what is known as a “progression” of shoes, and here is how that progression goes:

  1. Running shoes
  2. Walking around shoes
  3. Lawn mowing shoes
  4. Roofing shoes
  5. Garbage can!

Right now, the running shoes are the Saucanys. The former running shoes were the Asics 2170s , but they were too small, so they are being sent back. The Brooks Beast are now my walking around shoes. The Asics Kahana are now my lawn mowing shoes, and the Brooks Adrenaline 10s are now the roofing shoes and as of now, there are no garbage shoes.

As my shoes get older, they go down the ladder until finally, they end  up in the garbage.

The Brooks Adrenalin shoes were my lawn-mowing shoes, but always hurt my calves. In fact, these are the shoes that I believe, in part, caused the damage to my calves in the first place. After the “expert” examination at the running shop, it was determined that I am a severe over-pronator, but I do not have flat fee, so I am rare. Well, not really!

The issue is that my left leg and more precisely, my foot, is probably a severe over-pronator. On the other hand, my right leg and foot, would be a neutral and so, the shoes I had were helping one foot, while destroying the other. It is the only explanation I can come up with. The Saucany shoes are for neutral to moderate over pronators and seem to be just what the doctor ordered. We will see!

Today, I decided to try the Asics as they were cheap and a little too narrow to run in. After I finished mowing the lawn, I noticed that my calves didn’t hurt at all! Nor did my knee. The 2170 shoes are still in the box waiting to be sent back and I may go up a half a size and see if that helps with the fit so I can have two running shoes.

Right now, the Saucanys feel like they could be the shoe for running. They are wide enough and just fit perfectly. The big test will be tomorrow at the gym and at the 5K on Saturday. I am really starting to get excited about the prospect of competing in the Disney Half! 🙂

And now, back to the bath! I took a nice hot bath to soak my legs and my back and shoulders. Apparently, yesterdays workout was a little more intense than I expected! After the bath, I feel fine, so all is a go for tomorrow.

And now, for a little treat for some of you!

If you work out at a gym that has a TrueFit machine (treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike), like Youfit, you can download your workout. Unfortunately, it comes out in a very unusable format, html.

So, attached is an excel spreadsheet where all you have to do is input the information. It is unlocked so feel free to use it and modify it for your needs.



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