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A day off……

Last night was quite an adventure and by that I mean, a sleepless adventure.

First off, our next door neighbors. A brief history, since the day they moved in, they have been a royal pain in the ass! It started with their dog crapping on my yard repeatedly and finally after numerous warnings, I threatened to reciprocate and that was the end of that issue, for a while. Then, they decided to put up a fence, while we were away. This was good as I wouldn’t have to tolerate a bunch of drunken idiots attempting to install a fence. Of course, the result was quite predictable.

When we got home, we had no phone or internet. As I looked in our backyard, the reason was clear. Our phone line was hanging on the fence! Approximately six months later, our street light went out. The answer to this problem was that the neighbor, when he installed the fence post, cut the insulation and apparently part of the wiring for the street light! Now, FPL has to come out and dig up the entire line, and of course, they can’t get to it from his side of the fence, so my yard gets dug up!

Well, as it happens, when sub-contractors show up to my home, there are usually more things wrong after they leave that before they arrived. FPL sent out some outfit from North Carolina to do this task. After they were done, guess what……no phone again!!! Now I call the phone company and they look at the problem and say FPL cut the lines. I tell them fix it and bill FPL, just fix it!!

That is only one of the incidents that these idiots have caused. My sprinkler system is another. For whatever reason, these individuals think that the swale in front of my home is their personal parking lot. I have asked them repeatedly not to park there when they have their “events”. After they broke two pipes in the yard, I reconfigured the system so that  none of the pipes would be active.

Last July 4th, actually the Saturday before, the neighbor comes over and informs me that they are having a party and I told her fine, just don’t park in my yard. Well, eight hours later, my swale looks like a parking lot, so, I have to resort to calling the police to have the cars removed, as they are in violation of two city codes. Next time it happens, they will be towed at their expense! They seem to have gotten the message as they haven’t parked on the swale since! 🙂

The latest episode is this week. They have been up late every night on their back patio, cackling until 1-2 in the morning. Last night, they were up until around 12:30, an early night! At 1:00 am, I was awakened by a blood curdling scream from Marshalls room. He is apparently afraid of  “shadows”! So, I take his blanket and tell him it is a tent and he will be safe. Now, I can finally go to sleep..or so I thought!

Our cats are very affectionate, when they want to be! Unfortunately, this is usually at around 2 am! True to form, Samantha, decides to “show me some love” by performing her treading massage…..right on my bladder! After 20 minutes of that, I am almost asleep, when one of the other cats, Shadow, decides it is his turn and now, it is 3 am!

I fall asleep and then my alarm goes off at 4:50 am.Time to take Marshall to the bathroom as this is the time he pees and if he isn’t woken up, he pees the bed.

I fall back asleep and at 5: 30 am, the wifes alarm goes off! Which is followed by an hour of “boxing” with the snooze button!

Time to wake Marshall up and make breakfast, then, go through the painful event known as watching him get dressed! 🙂

Finally, Mommy is off to work, Marshall is off to school and I notice that the neighbors are on the back patio for their morning smoke.

I decided, in lieu of  going to the gym, as my knee is swollen and there is some pain, I would entertain them with a few choice licks from
“Luscious” through the Marshall stack with the volume control at 4 and the master bedroom window open!

The beautiful thing about the Marshall amp and speakers, is that they are very directional. As the office/music room is across from the master bedroom, if I open the rear window, it creates a tunnel of sound, right to the backyard!

After an hour and a half of  “practice” the neighbors were nowhere to be found!

And now, that my fun is over, time to mow the lawn, which I was supposed to do Tuesday.

Here is the sheet from yesterday:

March 14, 2012

FOODS Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Publix – Extra Large Grade A Eggs (2 Points), 2 egg 160 2g 10g 14g 480mg 140mg 0g 0g
Jones All Natural Golden Brown – Breakfast Sausage Link-Fully Cooked, 3 Links 250 1g 24g 7g 45mg 380mg 0g 0g
Eric’s burgers – hamburger , 1 patty 200 0g 11g 22g 75mg 75mg 0g 0g
Hunts Manwhich – Original Sloppy Joe Sauce, 1/4 cup 35 7g 0g 0g 0mg 430mg 5g 2g
Kraft – Sharp Cheddar Cheese Block, 3 oz 360 0g 30g 18g 90mg 540mg 0g 0g
Peter Pan – Crunchy Peanut Butter, 2 tbsp (32g) 200 6g 16g 8g 0mg 110mg 3g 3g
Bsn – N.O. Xplode, 1 scoop 25 6g 0g 0g 0mg 235mg 0g 0g
Centrum – Centrum Silver Supplement, 1 Tablet 5 2g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 1g 0g
Generic – Chuck Roast – Slow-Cooked In Crock Pot, 0.0835 of Roast 275 0g 5g 20g 2mg 563mg 3g 0g
TOTAL: 1,510 24g 96g 89g 692mg 2,473mg 12g 5g
EXERCISES Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Stair-treadmill ergometer, general 197 15
Stationary bike, moderate effort (bicycling, cycling, biking) 245 15
Strength Training
Seated Row, Floor, Machine 3 10 150
Lat pull down for upper back 3 10 115
Shoulder Press 3 10 120
The 21’s 3 10 15
Shoulder shrugs for traps 3 10 300
TOTALS: 442 30 15 50 700

As you can see, the calorie intake is fairly steady at around 1,500. The only issue is that the fiber intake is low, so I may have to augment that with supplements.

The weight today was 236 pounds, another pound gone for a total of 5 for the week!

After I mow the lawn, the rest of the day will be devoted to rest, some icing of the knee, and then tomorrow, a workout, and Saturday, a 5K run!

Speaking of the 5K run, I will be running in my brand new pair of Saucany shoes, which, fit like the proverbial glove! A quick jog around the block last night while Marshall was riding his bicycle,produced no pain in my knees or calfs!

Could the pain be over?

Could this be the beginning of real training?

For the answers, tune in tomorrow…same Bat time…same Bat channel!


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